On The Ring of Truth

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| If folks in Government look, they'll see that
| all I'm doing is =Honoring= them by look-
| ing to them to "go first".
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I'm realizing that I probably Erred in the
discussion I posted in the msg that's linked-
to, and quoted-from, above.

It's not because the context of the msg is
not what's in my 'heart'. It is.

It's that I Erred in my "estimation" of the
likelihood that folks in Government have any
inclination toward Correcting mis-takes that
they've made.

And I failed to make it clear that I was =not=
trying to "curry favor" with folks who hold
'power' over 'me'. I was =not=. I cannot even
think about doing so be-cause I Choose to
Honor Truth, and accept the consequences
that are inherent in Honoring Truth.

In my prior post, I was =not= implying any-
thing like, "Let's sweep all the BS stuff that's
occured under the rug."

I was, in fact, asserting my expectations with
respect to 'just'-the-opposite stuff -- expect-
ations of folks wanting to Correct past Errors
on the premise that past Errors would, in fact,
be acknowledged to constitute Errors that
were in need of correction.

What I was saying in that prior post was that,
if folks wanted to Correct mis-takes, then I'd
do all I can to assist in their doing so.

But I must still Honor Truth.

And it was when I realized that I did not
state that clearly in the prior post that I also
realized that the Hope with which I wrote
and posted that msg was probably unfounded.

Folks in Government will probably want to
'pretend' that no mis-takes have been made.

But there've been Huge-Errors, going back
through at least four administrations.

What's Broken in-there cannot be Fixed un-
less what needs to be addressed Forthrightly
=is= addressed Forthrightly.

So I'm back to expecting that the most-prob-
able outcome is that 'government' will 'just'
Kill me -- with more of the same "slow bullet"
with which they've been Killing me for 'decades'.

It was a Hard realization -- that folks in 'govern-
ment' are mostly Cowards who look upon
Truth as something 'flexible' -- that they're such
Cowards, in fact, that they'd rather allow America
to be Ravaged than Correct their mis-takes.

I'll have to reconsider continuing to share stuff
that I'd not yet communicated. I'm back to
believing that my work is 'just' being ab-used
by Unscrupulous people.

So all I can do to prevent such is not give them
access to the work I do.

The other thing is that "the moment of 'truth'"
that I spoke of, a couple of 'days' back, has
come and gone without being acted-upon.

Then, last 'night', that PBS TV show just
crushed all that was left of me.

I'll recover, but it's probably going to take
longer than I can Survive.

All folks've been doing was using me as
their research assistant, eh?

Extracting from me what they couldn't do



k. p. collins

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