The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at
Fri Jan 28 05:09:55 EST 2005

I watched ABC's =Nightline= "Town
Meeting" on Iraq last night. The dis-
cussion was interesting, but there was
one thing that was glaringly-missing.

It was that, no matter which "side"
folks' comments reflected, all dis-
cussion was oblivious to the facts of
"biological mass" and "behavioral in-
ertia" [AoK, Ap5, but, there, discus-
sed only inadequately [I've discussed
both things, sufficiently, in posts here
in b.n]].

Cognition and its behavioral correlates,
cannot "turn around on a dime".

Both are the result of long-term TD E/I-
minimization, and, as is discussed in
AoK, Ap4 and Ap8, although various
behavioral "inversions" can occur in real
'time', actual modification of behavioral
propensities is =always= accompanied
by the experiencing of "rendering use-
less" of formerly-accumulated "biolog-
ical mass" that had usefulness with re-
spect to individuals' abilities to achieve
TD E/I-minimization. Such "rendering
useless" always includes a passage
through the "zone of randomness" that
is of intensity that's proportional to the
magnitude of the "rendering useless"
and the period of 'time' during which
it occurs, which, if the magnitude of
the "rendering useless" is too great, or
the period of 'time' during which it oc-
curs too short, will result in TD E/I
exceeding the low-level amygdalar
"supersystem configuration" mechan-
ism [AoK, Ap5], and stereotypical
"fight/flight" behaviors will be mani-

All awareness of all that's inherent was
absent in the =Nightline= discussions.

Part of this is due to the facts of the TV
show "sound bite" format. Folks get 'sec-
onds' to express their 'whole positions',
and that's inadequate for communicating
the crucial stuff with respect to "biological
mass", "behavioral inertia", "inversion",
"rendering useless", the "zone of random-
ness", "going amygdalar", etc.

The correlated absence-of-understanding
is =fundamental= within "man's inhumanity
to man", which is why it's necessary to
communicate Neuroscience, at the level
of what's discussed in AoK, =across pop-

When this is accomplished, folks will be
able to Know why they must pursue goals
with "patience" that's proportional to the
magnitude of the relative 'unfamiliarity' of
their "goals" to others.

This constitutes a =Fundamental= Cog-
nitive "adjustment" -- what I mean is that
basic Knowledge of Neuroscience must
become fundamental within all Human in-
teractive dynamics. To the degree that it
does, "man's inhumanity to man" will 'just'

Folks who "scoff" at this assertion just do
not, yet, understand the Neuroscience, and
their "scoffing" is a "perfect" case-in-point
with respect to the "Cognitive adjustment"
that I'm discussing. That is, their "scoffing"
constitutes an instance of the resistence to
"rendering useless" and amygdalar priming
threshold crossing that derives in the fact
that their 'unfamiliarity' with Neuroscience
results in TD E/I(up) occurring within their
nervous systems when they encounter

It's a 'Difficult' problem because =every-
one= was 'unfamiliar' with Neuroscience
[as it's reified within NDT], so there's a
group-consensus that makes it "easy" to
'move away from' doing the information-
processing work inherent in coming-up-
to-speed with respect to Neuroscience.
[It's what is pointed out in the "jump
button" of AoK, Ap10: NDT predicts
its own "difficult birth", and that arguing
against NDT =before= it's stuff is com-
prehended only substantiates the theory
through the "objector's" own behavior.]

Anyway, if folks in attendance at the
=Nightline= "Town Meeting" had known
NDT's stuff, instead of "talking past" one
another, with all the waste and futility
that's inherent in such, they'd've under-
stood that one another's "disagreeing"
positions were due, in their entireties,
to the stuff discussed above, and, instead
of remaining "split", they'd've known
how and why what's necessary is to work
to fill-in their mutual absence-of-under-
standings with respect to the problem-at-
hand -- the Iraq situation.

And they'd've been able to apply the
same understanding to the behavioral
dynamics that're unfolding in Iraq -- al-
lowing them to understand the societal
anomie that's descended upon Iraq.

And, when Leaders so understand, they
can, then, guide the folks in Iraq to an-
alogous understanding -- even the "in-

Get it?

Once the Cognitive "adjustment" is made,
instead of feeling that "aggression" is "the
only way", folks'll have a Basis for under-
standing that others are just enduring the
TD E/I-dictates of their pre-existing "bio-
logical mass".

And, once this Cognitive "adjustment" is
generalized across populations, =every-
one= will be able to rely upon this shared
understanding in their interactive dynamics.

I understand that, to folks who remain 'un-
familiar' with NDT's stuff, what I've dis-
cussed in this post seems like "pie-in-the-
sky" stuff, but that's just be-cause, since
it's 'unfamiliar' to them, encountering it in-
duces TD E/I(up) within their nervous
systems, and that TD E/I(up) is mapped
within their nervous systems in a way
that results in 'moving away from' as TD
E/I-minimization is 'blindly' and automat-
ically achieved within their nervous sys-

You know?

It all stands =Verified= in the long-ago-
extant Neuroscience experimental re-

All it needs is a "nucleus" of folks who,
after having lifted themselves up in the
understanding, have the Courage to
"Go First".

Then, it'll spread across Humanity like

Be-cause understanding is always more-
practical than is the crap-shoot of ag-
gression, and co-operation beats coerc-
ion every time.

But, Wow! Is it ever =Hard= to instan-
tiate the "seed crystal" in the midst of the
self-perpetuating Ancient-Animosities!

I've been hoping that that'd be the result
of my work here in b.n.

You know --

"Click"... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ <-- "lightning" :-]

k. p. collins 

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