The Necessary Cognitive Adjustment

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| With respect to your oft-reiterated invocation
| of "Janov", I was hoping that you'd just dis-
| cuss what it is that you want me to consider.
| You know -- rather than pointing me to it as
| a sort of "Rorshach test" :-]
| You know, have mercy by telling me what
| you want me to consider, instead of asking
| me to "guess" what it is that you expect me
| to consider.
| You know -- like I've done with respect to
| NDT's position.


I've nothing left for "beating around the bush".

If nothing alters, my "reward" for having
done NDT will be that I'll just die a Hard

And I'm "angry" that it's so.

So I'll "cut to the chase scene" with respect
to whatever it is that folks bring-up.

[Which is why no one will bring anything up.
Which discloses that folks Know what NDT
is. Which makes me more "angry" :-]

ken [k. p. collins] 

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