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Thu Jun 2 15:22:18 EST 2005

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| [...]

| I'm writing to the Jackass who
| hounded me as I walked the halls
| of the Senate Office Building.
| I'm writing to the 'f. b. i agents' who
| repeatedly Lied to my face, and the
| one who Threatened my Life.
| Jackasses! I'm writing to you.
| [...]


There are no "Jackasses".

I mean, these People aren't

It's 'just' that they've endured
experience that induces them
to =do= Jackass-stuff.


I Apologize for not keeping-
this-Big-Difference-straight in
my previous post, linked-to

[This stuff is =Hard= for me to
address. I would've preferred
to get-it-across to folks in some
"quiet" place from which it could,
gently gain-inertia within group-
wise understanding.

But, Man! I've experienced so
much of it -- my Family has been
Ravaged by it -- my Dad Murdered
by it [be-cause folks 'thought' that,
by Ravaging those I Love, they
'could' "side-track" 'me'.

But "side-tracking" just ain't gonna
happen. I =See= my Obligation in-

And, although it'll seem otherwise
to folks who've been reading-along,
all along [if there's anyone who has],
I've not even begun to discuss all
I've Learned about what's going-on
within the Pervasive ab-use of 'pow-
er' that underpins the Jackass-stuff.

The =ONLY= Reason I've ever dis-
cussed anything that's correlated was
to reach-out to folks who're involved,
to Teach them that all they do is flat-
out, plain-as-day Visible.

There exists no such thing as 'Secrecy'.

All one has to do to See Truth, dispite
=all= 'efforts' to 'hide' it, is to "range
widely" within Truth's One Map, and,
when one does so, the 'supposedly-
secret' stuff just Discloses itself, as if
it'd been Described-in-Detail..

How I've Ached! with respect to this
circumstance. How I've Wanted! to
Explain to folks that they were "walk-
ing around "with their pants down",
displaying their "private parts" for all
of Humanity to See.

But all of my many Attempts to do so,
"quietly", were 'thwarted' be-cause the
folks who do Jackass-stuff were so
thoroughly-experienced in their collect-
ive-doing of Jackass-stuff, which 'doing'
simultaneously coerced-Isolation upon
their Beings, out of which they 'just'
could not See, that they 'thought' I was
their "enemy" -- when I was always
Trying-Desperately to =Resuce= them
from the 'blind'-automation that ac-
creted within their 'supposed-secrecy'.

See? The Problem is that =everyone=
'sees' in the way I'm discussing, except
that, without NDT's understanding, folks
can only 'see', "opaquely". And that's
what's so Injurious to Humanity -- be-
cause folks 'see' only-opaquely, they're
Induced, by what they so-'see', to "fly-
off-the-handle", Ravagingly and Destruct-
ively -- which instantiates groupwise "in-
ward spirals" [AoK, Ap8], which, 'per-
iodically' drag 'humanity' into fits of Self-
Destruction [all-'blindness' -- like Lem-
mings, running off this or that cliff].

This 'seeing'-opaquely, and it's universal
occurrence within nervous systems, are
what are "noted" in the old saw, "Honest-
ly is the best policy", which "speaks", o-
paquely, of the Consequences that're
=always= inherent in 'moving away from'

But such colloquial Wisdom, being, itself,
opaque, is, itself, "weak-kneed", so, al-
though it's =long= been 'glimpsed', it's
routinely 'brushed-aside' ["ignored"] -- 
be-cause, since folks don't understand
what's going-on within their nervous sys-
tems, "inverting biological reward" [AoK,
Ap5] is 'blindly' and automatically "activ-
ated when folks 'sense' what's opaquely-
'codified' in the "old saw", and folks re-
spond to the "inverting reward", instead
of the Wisdom that's in the "old saw".

Get it?

It's =Exactly= like the "orienting behav-
iors of antelopes" that's discussed in the
section of AoK, Ap5 that addresses the
biological wellspring of "curiosity" -- and
=that= 'blindly'-automated.

And it's been this gambling-'stuff' that's
cyclically cast Humanity into Conflagra-

So, you see?

Knowing all of this, and all of my Forth-
right-Attempts to Address it, without
causing anyone any 'Difficulties' having
been 'ignored' [in =Exactly= the 'way'
I discussed nearby-above, I =STILL=
am Obliged, for Love of Humanity, to
=DO= what Needs to be Done to End
the Onslaught of absence-of-understand-

I Loathe being "the one" who has to do
this stuff, but it's come to such, and I'll
not 'move away from' the Doing.

[Folks who're inclined, out of 'fear', to
End my Life, so that I'll not be able to
do what Needs to be Done, will Real-
ize that they've Killed more than 'me'.

I'm =not= "kidding" when I write of
the "95%"-stuff.

But, "Gees, 'louise'!", why not 'just'
=BE-AMERICAN=, in the Spirit
that the Framers Breathed-Into The
Constitution Of The United States Of

[I can "speak" only with respect to
Americans because that's whence my
Obligations as Citizen Derive, but every-
thing I'm discussing is the same for all
People, everywhere, and I Hope folks
in other Nations will find analogous Use-
fulness in it, with respect to their own
Obligations as Citizens of their Nations.]

You know?

There is a Better Way.

There's =NO= 'need' to 'fret' and 'fuss'
and 'play-games' of 'supposed-secrecy',
which =ONLY= augment 'humanity's

There's no 'need' to 'guess'.

No 'need' to 'gamble'.

No 'need' to experience anything but
the Joy of Forthrightly 'moving toward'

[I could not've stated this stuff, before
'now', be-cause the understanding had,
before 'now', reached "Critical Mass"
in 'public' discourse [or whatever is
the case with respect to what I exper-
ience as 'being' "bionet.neuroscience".

But, 'now', such "Critical Mass" has
been Established, and I must "follow-
through", with respect to it's stuff, not
allowing the 'moment' to 'pass' without
carrying-it-through within folks' minds.

Get it?

I've Begged that it could happen in
other, "quiet", ways.

But, plain-as-day-Obviously, my
'Begging' was 'ignored', as above,
leaving me with the One-Recourse.

Do what you will.

I'll do the One-Thing, regardless of
what 'you' Choose to do to 'me'.]

K. P. Collins

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