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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 5 16:23:05 EST 2005

Happy 156th Rebirth-In-Feedom Day, Denmark!

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| [...]

|| Funny story -- back in the early 1990's,
|| in discussions posted in Compuserve's
|| "Science Forum" in reply to my discus-
|| sions of "Tapered Harmony", the "fine
|| structure constant" was brought-up, in
|| queries to me, but I could say nothing
|| because I'd never before encountered
|| =the words= "fine structure constant".
|| [I was working at the 'level' of the ex-
|| periments upon which "quantum mech-
|| anics" was founded, wanting only to
|| Correct the Error upon which qm was
|| founded. So I was focused on that
|| Foundation stuff, leaving higher-'level'
|| study to "sometime in the future".
|| What's funny is that I'd, already resolved
|| the =Nature= of the "fine structure con-
|| stant".
| [before the CSi "Science Forum" discus-
| sions took place, but I didn't understand
| what folks were asking of me in those
| discussions -- "language"-interface differ-
| entials.]
|| I became able to "translate" between my
|| own work and the standard view only
|| after reading Dr. Gamow's Excellent
|| Book :-]
| [...]

This sort of "translational" 'Difficulty' has
been the =main= 'Difficulty' that other
folks've had with respect to my efforts
to communicate NDT's and TH's per-
spectives on nervous system function
and physical reality [respectively].

I'm working with the same-old exper-
imental results with which folks're long-
'familiar', but I'm knitting them together
on the basis of =Continuous= energy-
flow, instead of the long-Erroneously-
'presumed' 'discreteness' of the 'quant-
um' view of physical reality, and, having
long-endured 'discreteness' being coerc-
ed upon the activation that occurs with-
in their nervous systems [so that they
could receive their degrees :-], folks
just 'cannot' See "Continuity" -- folks
'cannot' "translate" between the exper-
imental results, with which they are long-
'familiar', and "Continuity" -- so I've had
to "reiterate-and-reiterate", in order to
give folks the Opportunity to receive
TD E/I that'll allow TD E/I-minimization
to occur within their nervous systems
that'll enable them to See "Continuity",
while, simultaneously, enabling them
to See the experimental results with
which they're long-'familiar', more :-]

It's a 'Hard-slog'.

If folks look, they'll See that it =is=
the same-old experimental results with
which thy're long-'familiar' that under-
pin everything I've discussed, and will

It's =Important= to See that be-cause
it's what Verifies everything in NDT
and TH -- it's what Validates both
NDT and TH as Theories-in-Science.

Get it?

This's why I'm discussing Tapered Harmony
in a Neuroscience 'place'. =Everything=
I've been discussing with respect to TH
applies directly and Fundamentally to
the doing of Neuroscience.

One Cannot Do Neuroscience without
the stuff I've been discussing in TH.

Oh yeah, folks can do experiments in
Neuroscience, regardless of whether
or not they know TH. But folks Cannot
See what's in the experimental results
that they produce unless they See the
Continuous energy-flow that is the prim-
ary subject of TH.

Get that?

It's why, in long-former posts, I so emph-
asized "3-D Energydynamics" ["3-D E"].

The 3-D E are =Continuous=, reducing
to infinitely-divisible "Coulomb forces"
within the ionic conductances" that occur,
Continuously within nervous systems.

It's =Fundamental=, within nervous sys-
tem function, that the physical structure
of nervous systems "keys-upon" =thresh-
olds= within the Continuous 3-D E that
occur within them.

Understanding this "threshold-grasping"
is =KEY= to understanding both NDT
and TH -- be-cause the "thresholds" are
=literally= physical instances of relative
energy-matter phase-transition that nerv-
ous systems literally =grasp=, and through
which nervous systems' structural orders
enable nervous systems to =Know= phys-
ical reality.

Get it?

So Tapered Harmony's Seeing of Contin-
uity isn't some "lark"-stuff. It's discussed
in Tapered Harmony as it is discussed be-
cause my work in Neuroscience Disclosed
to me that nervous systems physically do
as above -- literally grasp energy -- and,
when one looks, one Sees that what en-
ables nervous systems to so grasp energy
is their keying-upon the threshold-dynamics
that're, literally, relative energy-matter phase-
transitions, which is what any, and all, "thresh-
old"-dynamic is, whether in nervous systems
or the larger physical reality.

Nervous systems are 'engineered', at their
sub-molecular 'levels' to "translate" such
relative energy-matter phase transitions
into "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5, 6 & 7].

Get it?

It's why I've reiterated, "I looked in the
nervous system, and saw the Universe."

Nervous systems have been Doing-"Physics"
all along, and there's Great Worth in 'just'
Seeing how, and why, nervous systems
Do "Physics" -- because such Seeing
allows one to See physical reality -- be-
cause, when one looks into them, nervous
systems 'just' Disclose all that =they= do
in order to "grasp-energy" in order to En-
able their host organisms to function with-
in physical reality.

Get it?

With respect to all of this, a primary 'Difficulty'
has been that views that've been converged-
upon by Scientists using the Scientific Method
to "map" the dynamics of physical reality con-
verged in ways that were guided, in the main,
by the "language"-interface dynamics in Teach-
er-Student relationships.

You know -- the "goal" was "getting-the-
grade" that'd enable a Student to "grad-
uate" into a systematically-accepted 'expert-
ise'-of-practice, and the main 'determinant'
of =that= was the degree to which a Student
'agreed' with a Teacher -- =NOT= the degree
to which a Student actually Comprehended
physical reality.

Can you See what's Amiss in-there?

It's why Ptolemaic Astronomy so pushed-
everything-else-aside for ~1000 'years',
even though it was 'just' Erroneous -- the
'agreement' of Students with what their
Teachers said was 'more-important', in
the prevailing Academic environments,
than was the Data, and the Seeing of the
Data in all Possible ways.

Rather, Students of Astronomy were
=Required= to 'see' "epicycles", even
though none existed within physical

In our own era, tt's been the =SAME=
with respect so-called "discrete particles" -- 
=NONE= have physically-real Existence,
yet, in order to obtain their Professional
Credentials, Students are =Required=
to 'see' them, despite the Fact that they've
no physically-real Existence.

Get it?

So, taking my Lead from 'the' nervous
system, and "listening-to" it, instead of
the prevailingly-accepted stuff, I Saw
what was in nervous system function,
and how and why it was in-there, and
have been "rewriting" all of Science in
accord with this stuff, =Taught= by
a "Teacher" who obviously Knew phys-
ical reality.

Get it?

It's 'only' 'Difficult' be-cause the synthes-
is that I've brought-forward does not
'bow-down-to' the prevailing view, which
prevailing view, has strongly-correlated
"biological mass" and "behavioral inertia"
[AoK, Ap5, 6, & 7], =NOT= "because"
the prevailing view is Correct, but 'simply'
be-cause the prevailing view is what has
been so oft-reiterated in the presence of
Students that, via the 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization dynamics that occur
within Students' nervous systems, their
nervous systems literally construct "bio-
logical mass" pertaining to what's Taught
in the classroom, their nervous systems,
thereby, acquiring "behavioral inertia" with
respect to what was Taught, and "to Hell
with" actually understanding physical reality
[and/or nervous system function].

Get it?

One might ask, then, "How can =anything=
be taught in the classroom?"

The answer to this is Teach what can be
Taught, but =DO NOT= Coerce Students
into being Unable to "look-elsewhere", un-
der the Threat of throwing them out of
the University -- withholding their Pro-
fessional Credentials from them [both of
which happened to me, so I Understand
what I'm discussing :-]

You know?

Never, never, never "stamp=out" the Light-
of-Inquiry that innately-Exists within nerv-
ous systems 'simply' "because" it disagrees
with 'you' [with what's been Coerced-upon
you because, when you were a Student,
NDT's stuff had been actively-withheld
from you by the very dynamics that I've
been discussing].

Get it?

Do folks See the "burden" I've been
"carrying" on their behalfs?

See why I "moan-and-groan" under
the "stresses" inherent?

I've had to "wade-into" the midst of the
"Prejudice" inherent in what I've reiterated
above, Knowing what lay-in-store for
'me', and having to do so, "regardless",
be-cause I Saw, with Certainty, that it
'just' Needed to be done if Humanity
was to have any Opportunity to Survive.

I'm =NOT= wanting to cause folks to
"feel" that they "owe" 'me' anything, but
I do Protest, Mightily, that it can be the
case that one who just Sees what Needs
to be Done, and works to do it, 'has to
experience' being-Ravaged as a result
of his doing so.

'pretty'-absent-of-understanding, no?


Yet, to date, it's been the =only= thing
that's happened as a result of the work
I've done =in Science=.

Where is there any actual Respect for

You know -- where is any of the stuff,
that's "celebrated" far and wide within
'science', as "being fundamental" to the
"doing of science"?

"Lip-service" -- a layer of "sheeshmunk"
that's glossed-over the prevailing Preju-
dice that hasn't actually altered since the
'days' of Ptolemaic Astronomy.

It has, in fact, 'just' become more Sin-
ister -- being ever-more 'burried' under
a veil of "techanology" and supposed-
'secrecy', it's Trampling-upon Truth
'only' having become Rampant under
Coercive pressures that're heaped upon

Which is Sorrowfully-'Hilarious' be-

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not, and Not.


One can measure the depths into which
Humanity has been dragged by the pre-
vailing 'moving away from' Truth by,
simply, monitoring the scope of the pre-
vailing 'moving away from' Truth.

Get it?

One doesn't have to "be everywhere"
and "see everything".

All one has to do is experience cross-
sections of the prevailing Ranpant 'mov-
ing away from' Truth -- by "ranging
widely" within Truth's One Map -- and,
from that, one can literally Calculate
what Humanity =could be=, but is not,
be-cause of the wide-sperad 'moving
away from' Truth.

I do this Calculation routinely.

And it "routinely" takes-my-breath-away.

Anyway, I've posted this "aside" be-
cause what I'm actually wanting to
do with my 'time' this 'day' is to go over
some of the stuff that I stated in my pre-
vious post, linked-to above -- and I
saw that it was necessary to place folks
who'll read those further discussions [it
anyone will :-] "on-guard" with respect to
certain 'Difficulties' that they'll experience,
within their Beings, upon their reading
of the further stuff.

Gently, Gently -- as Gently as I can -- 
Caring for your Beings.

I Love you in that way.

k. p. collins 

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