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Sun Jun 5 16:23:06 EST 2005

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|| 1. The splitting of the spectral lines that's
|| correlated to what's been referred to
|| as the "fine structure constant" is due,
|| =solely= to the wave dynamic that's
|| set-up within an SSW<->UES harm-
|| onic [within an 'atom'] when the 'atom'
|| is subjected to a "magnetic field".
|| 2. "Magnetic fields" are =just= locally-
|| Directed UES-flows.
| [...]

The Proverbial Observer: "Tsk, tsk, Ken.
if 'magnetism' were, as you say, a flowing
of energy, then one would be able to
just place a conductor within that 'flow
of energy' and, without moving anything,
get 'electricity', but every-2nd-year high
school physics student knows that is not
what happens."

'you' couldn't find my long-former discus-
sions of 'magnetism' and 'electricity', could

So I'll reiterate, a bit.

Moving a conductor into a 'magnetic field'
does, of course, generate 'electricity' with-
in the conductor.

But, when such motion of the conductor
[or motion of the 'magnetic field' relative
to the conductor] ceases, the 'electricity'
also ceases to flow.

All of this happens be-cause the =flow=
of energy that is what what's been referred
to as "magnetism" is goes-into the physical-
ly-real =work= inherent in distorting the
SSW<->UES harmonics [the 'atoms'] com-
prising the stuff of the "conductor".

So, since this physically-real, SSW<->UES-
harmonics-Geometry-altering =work= is be-
ing performed by the energy-flow that is
what 'magnetism' is, =OF COURSE= the
energy-flow will go-into the doing of that
work, and not the "generation of an electric"

It's why relative motion of "conductor"
and "field" are Necessary [to produce
either 'electricity' of 'magnetism'] -- the rel-
ative motion alters the SSW<->UES-Harm-
onics Geometry, Continuously, which Con-
tinuously imposes a condition in which the
physically-real energy-flow, that is what
'magnetism' is, must alter it's SSW<->UES-
harmonics-Geometry-altering =work=.

It's the resulting work-differential that is
manifest as an 'electric-current'.

This can be Verified by doing a simple
xray-crystallography experiment in which
an 'electromagnet' is aranged as follows:


where "/" signifies 'electromagnetic' wind-
ings, and "-" signifies the soft-iron core
of the 'electromagnet'. ["Of course, "iron"
presents some Difficulties with respect tp
xray crystallography, so some other "core"
stuff will have to be sought-out.]

But, if the experiment can be successfully
performed, TH Predicts that the SSW<->UES-
harmonics-Geometry variations, discussed
above, will be Observable.

So stop "whining" and do the Experiment.

"Dammit" :-]

[Sidebar: There're g'zillions of such Exper-
iments that're pointed-to by TH, but which
haven't been done.

This absence-of-Experimentation happens
be-cause of the way that, in absence-of-un-
derstanding of NDT's stuff, nervous systems
tend, strongly, to process information via
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, and
=that= stuff becomes, through the TD E/I that's
routinely Coerced upn Students, "prejudiced"
with respect to "the way things are supposed
to be" -- with respect to "expectations".

So, rather than 'just' "ranging widely" within
Experiment, 'experiments' are designed in
ways that'll 'substantiate' 'expectations'.

And, as a 'result' of such, 'data' 'substantiating'
'expectations' accumulates while the vast
majority of =Data= go routinely-uncollected.

You know?

It's =really-Fun= to 'just' Experiment -- to just
"Play" within the flowing-of-energy, and Learn
from what one Observes while so-"Playing".

Why 'move away from' Fun?

[Why 'move away from' Truth?

Especially when Truth is Merciless?]]

What the so-called "electric field" is is a
physically-real energy-flow that acts to
"pile-up" energy.

What the so-called "magnetic field" is is
a physically-real energy-flow that acts
to dissipate "piled-up" energy.

One is a "compression pahse", in which
3-D energy-density is increased, and the
other is an "expansion" phase", in which
3-D energy-density is decreased. And
they are =not= physically-"orthogonal"
in any way other than that energy-density-

They are "complementary" 3-D Energy-
dynamics that 'just' occur, within the
Universal flow of energy that is WDB2T,
because, here and there, relatively-local
energy-flow becomes non-uniform.

This holds-True =at all scales= [that is,
all Experimental results, at all scales, con-
form, Rigorously, to this one energy-flow

K. P. Collins 

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