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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 5 21:16:28 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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| [...]

"Gees, 'louise'!" ^ 2!

I screwed-up the 'un-screwing-up'.

|| [Remember that it's the action of the UES
|| [the Universal Energy Supply; "aether"-
|| like =energy= that =flows= in Rigorous
|| accord with the one-way flow of energy,
|| from order
| to disorder
||, that is what's =described=
|| by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T] throughout
|| the Universe

that empowers =everything= within
physical reality

|.] So the harmonics behave
|| in a way that's =Exactly= analogous to
|| waves in an ocean -- having amplitude
|| and period that's Determined by their
|| local flow of energy. [You can see the
|| same-stuff by gently rocking a cookie
|| sheet with a quarter inch of water in it.]
| I insert a better analogue below.
| [...]

In thinking about it, a bit more, I've real-
ized that this "cookie-sheet experiment"
can be a pretty-good, if a-bit-demanding,

Take the cookie-sheet with it's quarter-
inch of water calmly-evenly distributed
within it, and tilt it along its long axis, so
that the water tends to rush toward the
low "end" of the cookie-sheet, but, before
it all goes there, tilt it back so that the "end"
of it that was a bit higher is, 'now', a bit
lower -- and do this periodically, always
shifting the "tilt" so that water "piles-up"
at the two "ends" of the cookie sheet.

What you'll've created is a "resonance"-
condition, in which the water 'contents'
of the cookie-sheet is non-uniformly-dis-
tributed at the "ends" of the cookie-sheet.

This "resonance"-condition can be broad-
ly tuned, so that various quantities of
water are 'contained' in the "end-zones" :-]

Get it?

It's what I was describing in my corrected
version of my original post in this thread.

The "pilings-up" having relatively-discrete
masses that're Determined by the Contin-
uous wave dynamics [which, in this "cookie-
sheet experiment", takes the form of the
periodic "rocking" of the cookie-sheet,
and which, further, reduces to Continuous
wave dynamics in the 3-D Energydynamics
that empower the "rocking", be they in your
body as you "rock" the cookie-sheet, or in
some high-zoot tunable electromagnetic
cookie-sheet-rocker setup.]

The end-result [the "pilings-up" of water
in the "end-zones" of the cookie-sheet]
are =EXACTLY= analogous to what the
traditional view of physical reality holds
to be "particles", but this little "cookie-sheet
experiment" discloses, to us, that, rather
than there being "discrete particles" in-
there, what there is is Continuous wave
dynamics that 'contain' quantities of stuff
in sustainably-"partitioned" ways.

Get it?

What've been referred to as "atoms" are
=NOT= "comprised of discrete particles",
but are, instead, comprised of such Con-
tinuous wave dynamics which, =BE-
CAUSE= of "energy's freedom to move"
["ephemerance"] dynamically-sustain  the
'containing' of quantities of energy within
'instantly'-observable', Continuous-wave-
dynamics. ==This= is also the Fundament-
al "Why" of the way that "observation
alters observables" -- that is, in "observing"
the Experimenter has to "apply energy",
and that "application-of-energy" alters
the Continuous-wave-dynamics that're
'being-observed'. Get it?].

'Now', spend some 'time' walking a gent-
ly-sloping "gutter" the next 'time' it rains
where you live, and you'll See that Nature
does all of this "cookie-sheet" stuff for
you, and all you have to do is have fun
while "Playing" in the flowing-water :-]

Bring one of those little metal rulers, and
you can Calculate the masses of water
that're 'held-separate' [and, thereby, 'con-
tained'] by the Continuous-wave-dynamics
that're what the flowing-water is [all the
way down to 'just'-energy].

Measure velocities by 'timing' the goings
of the little "boats" you and your Child
will "race".

Everything you need is right-there, every
'time' it rains.

There Exist no so-called "particles".

All there is are wave-wave interactions,
comprised =SOLELY= of energy, and
it's relative-"pilings-up", as above, and
as I've been discussing, all along, in just
about every msg I've ever posted here
in 'b.n' [including even my 'political' com-
mentaries, except, with respect to their
contents, to See the Continuous-wave-
dynamics, one has to "translate" using
NDT's understanding -- which is why
I've worked to take everything down to
the 3-D E -- so that folks could, then,
See what's in NDT's stuff. Get it?]

All of the Experimental results that I
know of can be taken-down, all the
way, to their analogous wave-wave
interactions. All stuff like "mass", "in-
ertia", "force", etc. -- =all= of the
supposed "physical qualities" that're
'recognized' [Sorry about the single-
quotes] within 'Physics' -- reduces
directly to the =One= thing -- the
one-way flowing of energy, from
order to disorder, that is what's =de-
scribed= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

It's =this= that Unifies physical reality.
This that allows physical reality to be
Reified in a Unitary way.

Get it?

All there is is energy, and energy that's,
more or less, undergone energy<->matter
phase-transition under the "pressure" of
the purely-wave-dynamics stuff that's
Reified within Tapered Harmony, and
visible in anyone's cookie-sheet.

If only folks cross-correlate the work
they do, in rocking their cookie-sheets,
with the resultant "pilings-up"-of-the-
water that they observe.

'now', after "rocking your cookie-sheets",
do the same with the "boat" of Human-

I mean =Rock-that-"boat"!

So that it'll, then, =actually= carry the
Children into the Future.

K. P. Collins 

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