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On 1 over 137 [0360]

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 5 22:47:36 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message news:...
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So... what (1 / 137.0360) is is
a measure of Universal "Ephem-
erance" [Universal "energy's-

Get it?

It's a measure of the energy-'con-
tainment'-propensity that's Rigor-
ously-correlated to Universal-
WDB2T, and which Determines
"c" [the speed of light"] and all of
the so-called "constants" of phys-
ical reality, including "h", which,
as I explained in my "photoelectric
effect" posts, results from the fact
that 'containment' happens only
when there's enough energy to
"cover" the entire surface of a
"sphere" involved. Less-than-that,
and the energy cannot be 'con-
tained'. More than that [which is
the same as "less-than-that", at
the next 'level' of 'containment' :-],
and the energy cannot be 'con-
tained' -- in either case, be-cause
of nolnilearities inherent in the
Volume/Surface-area ratios [V/Ar]
of Geometrical spheres as the
spheres undergo expansion and
compression [as I explained in my
"photoelectric effect" posts, with
respect to a 'fixed' quantity of 'con-
tained' stuff].

So, measure at will, what you'll 'al-
ways' get when you do is "~(1 / 137)"
[single quotes around "always" be-
cause, as the Universe expands,
this "golden ratio" will change, and
all of the so-called "physical con-
stants" will change along with it.

Get it?

~1 / 137 is a measure of WDB2T-
Determined "ephemerance", and
=everything= within physical reality
Derives in-it.

[Of course that's not "all there is"
to physical reality, but I can't See
beyond WDB2T [at least not un-
der the constraints of Science :-]

K. P. Collins 

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