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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jun 6 14:50:28 EST 2005

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| [...]

| Everything within physical reality
| Derives in "ephemerance" [energy's
| freedom to move], and that's Determ-
| ined by Universal WDB2T.
| And, ~1 / 137 is just =one= such
| correlated-value. There're increasingly-
| more-general such "values" pertaining
| the "ephemerance" that's allowed by
| WDB2T.
| [...]

For instance, in TH [and NDT] all of
tha Data that're invoked to 'substant-
iate the existences' of so-called "dis-
crete particles" is seen as correspond-
ing to such ephemerance-correlated-

I've discussed all of this, reiteratively,
in long-former posts [with respect to
many different physical phenomena].

Perhaps the easiest way to see the
3-D E, inherent, is with respect to the
Data that the "quantum" view invokes
to 'substantiate the existences' of the
so-called "three quarks" ['now' of five
different varieties] that comprise 'pro-
tons' and 'neutrons'.

To see what's actually going-on in-there,
recall that, in Tapered Harmony, what've
been referred to as "atoms" are seen to
be Spherical Standing Waves of energy
that's 'trapped' in harmonic compression
<->expansion interaction with a surround-
ing Universal Energy Supply.

"SSW<->UES harmonics."

I've discussed, in former posts, how and
why 'containment' happens [how and why
the energy 'contained within' an SSW<->
UES harmonic is 'trapped' 'in-there'. This
'trapping' [energy-'containment'] occurs
be-cause of the way that, when a 'fixed'
quantity of stuff undergoes spherical
compression and expansion, the ratio
of the volume of the 'sphere' [the =quantity=
of stuff 'contained' within a spherical vol-
ume] to its surface-area varies extremely-

I've posted several QBASIC[tm] programs
that =Completely= Reify these nonlinearities.

Within the one, overall, nonlinearity, there're
two distinguishable "zones" of nonlinear var-
iation that're of particular interest.

One of these "zones-of-nonlinear-variation
occurs at relatively-extreme "expansion" of
the SSW<->UES harmonics, when 'all' of
the energy that's 'contained-within' the harm-
onics "slams-up-against" the surrounding
UES, creating a "shell" of extremely-com-
pressed energy in which, be-cause "ephem-
erance ["energy's freedom to move"] is de-
creasing extremely-rapidly, 'containment'

Get it? There's more energy in the spherical-
"shell" than can escape the harmonics via
the available surface-area -- =BE-CAUSE=
of the universal ephemerance "speed limit"
that is WDB2T. Energy-'containment' hap-
pens be-cause, when energy "piles-up" in
these expansion-phase "shells", it rapidly
becomes "easier" for energy to move in
=any= direction =other than= in the dir-
ection of continued "expansion" along the
radius of the SSW<->UES harmonic.

Get it?

It's [literally] the same thing that happens
when one encounters an "immovable ob-
stacle" -- "bump"... "crunch", and one
"bounces" in "the-other-direction" :-]

[Such "bouncing" literally reduces dir-
ectly to the SSW<->UES harmonics'
dynamics that I'm discussing, "Direction-
ality, throughout, being Determined by
WDB2T. In other words, including all
of Newtonian Mechanics -- all of the
so-called "billiard-balls" stuff -- it's all
'just' WDB2T-Determined energy-'con-
tainment, as above.]

But, with respect to the so-called "three
quarks", the "zone-of-nonlinearity" that's
of interest occurs at the extremity of the
compression-phase of the SSW<->UES
harmonics [referred to, in TH, as "nuc-

The Data that've been invoked to 'sub-
stantiate the existences" of "three quarks
being in-there" Derive in the fact that,
since the SSW<->UES harmonics are
undergoing compression and expansion
extremely-rapidly, which, in the "zones-
of-extremely-nonlinear variation, be-
comes =extraordinarily= rapid, the en-
ergy-probes that're accelerated toward
collisions with the SSW<->UES harm-
onics have only fleeting opportunities
during which to "interact" with the energy
'contained' within the "nucleated" SSW<->
UES harmonic. So, at currently-achievable
energies, the "projectile" energy [itself
comprised of highly-distorted SSW<->
UES harmonics, so the targeting-non-
linearites are compounded [be-cause
there're =two= SSW<->UES harmonics
involved] can only fit-in "three" events
that'll occur while things're "nucleated".

Get it?

If either the target or projectile SSW
<->UES harmonic is not in its extreme-
compression "zone", the "projectile" en-
ergy just "passes-right-through" the
target SSW<->UES harmonic, and no
'quark'-like events are detectable.

=Everything= within physical reality re-
duces directly to either of the two non-
linear-"zone" 3-D Energydynamics [3-D E]
that I've discussed above -- including
=everything= that happens within nervous
systems -- when nervous systems' mol-
ecular dynamics create "biological mass"
[AoK, Ap5, 6 & 7], the Directionalities
that're formed-into the neural Topology
as a result of the molecular-'level' dyn-
amics Derive in the energy-'contain-
ment' dynamics I've discussed above.

That is, it's the above energy-'contain-
ment' dynamics that literally Determine
the way the nerual Topology is varied
within "learning" -- and it =has to be=
this way, be-cause Survival is Complete-
ly-Dependent on convergence upon
internal-Directionality being Mapped
'appropriately' with respect to extern-

Get it?

It doesn't do to 'move toward' the
"brick wall" that just broke your arms
when you ran-into it, and, in a more-subtle
case that requires the stuff I've discussed,
above, to be carried-through sub-mol-
ecular-'level' dynamics, it doesn't do to
eat or drink "poisonous" stuff -- precise-
ly be-cause "poisonous" stuff mucks-up
Directionality within biological 3-D E.

Get it?

=Everything= within physical reality re-
duces, directly [Directionally :-] to the
"energy-'containment'" stuff I've reiter-
ated above.

So all of the Data that the 'particle'-ac-
celerator folks've accumulated is 'just'
some of the "increasingly-more-general
such "values" pertaining the "ephemer-
ance" that's allowed by WDB2T" that
I referred to in my prior post, linked-to

Such Data is =100%= energy-'contain-
ment'-threshold-relevant, and =does not=
"signify the existence" of anything other
than the 3-D E that've been reiterated
in this post.

[End note: I use single quotes around
"contained" ["trapped", etc.] be-cause
energy-'containment' is =relative= to
the universal-WDB2T ephemerance
"speed limit", and, since it's so, energy
is =always= being Continuously-ex-
changed between SSWs and their sur-
rounding UES. energy-'containment'
happens in the midst of such Contin-
uous energy-exchange, as was discus-
sed above.]

K. P. Collins 

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