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kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jun 6 23:24:35 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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It's the same-stuff, all the way down.

I wasn't "kidding" when I said that
I'd rewritten all of Science.

I have.

The stuff I've been discussing shouldn't
be "hard" to grasp.

It's a new-Reification, like the transform-
ation between Ptolemaic and Copernican
Astronomies -- same-stuff, made-more-
simple, and more-functional.

I mean, I haven't done anything that "alters
physical reality".

All I've done is Eliminate a lot of useless
stuff that only got-in-the-way of under-
standing -- like the Ptolemaic 'epicycles'
did, and replaced them with comprehens-
ively-unified principles that not only do
all the 'same' stuff, but enable Science to
go-farther in doing what Science does.

What's "wrong" with that?

Nothing -- except what happens within
nervous systems that're 'blindly' and
automatically "attracted" to the same-old
TD E/I-minimization that they've converged-
upon over the courses of long-experience.

See how "the tail wags the dog"? :-]

See how it's =Good= to understand how
and why "the tail wags the dog"?

See what I've been 'talking' about all

See why I'm Obliged?

I mean, this 'stuff' of nervous systems,
left uncomprehended, =RAVAGES=

So it's =Good= to =End= such, no?


"Weigh" the twain.

Absence-of-understanding drags-Humanity-
down. Understanding Lifts-Humanity-up.

"No contest."

Understanding just makes more sense.

But there's this "sticky-wicket" -- the organ
of "knowing" is encumbered with it's form-
erly-acquired "biological mass" -- sort of
like a "rock" :-]

Can't Think until it Learns how to Think.

Meanwhile, it'd 'rather' "Ravage" than
Understand itself.

So the new-theory stuff is 'moved away
from' even though it does all the 'same'
stuff that the old-theory does, while en-
abling Science to go-farther in doing what
Science does.

Thomas Kuhn would understand the
"reluctance to convert", inherent.

Anyone else?

[Forgive me, Please, for looking for
ways [like this] to get-things-across
to folks. "Reductio ad absurdum", and
all that. I mean no "offense. I mean
'just'-the-opposite stuff -- "Lift-up-ium
ad Freedom-ium :-]

k. p. collins 

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