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Tue Jun 7 14:03:48 EST 2005

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|| [...]
|| This sort of "translational" 'Difficulty' has
|| been the =main= 'Difficulty' that other
|| folks've had with respect to my efforts
|| to communicate NDT's and TH's per-
|| spectives on nervous system function
|| and physical reality [respectively].
|| [...]
| I Erred in writing the above in a way
| that 'separates' myself from the 'Dif-
| ficulty'.
| Anyone who's been reading along, all
| along [if anyone has :-] knows that I've
| struggled with "this sort of "translational"
| 'Difficulty'", as was exemplified in my
| coming to understand folks' "queries"
| from 'decades' ago only after my re-
| cent reading of Dr. Gamow's Excellent
| Book.
| It's been 'the same' for as long as I've
| been discussing NDT and TH online.
| I've never fully understood what others
| don't understand of NDT and TH.
| So I've had to "range widely", looking
| for stuff that'd Communicate NDT's
| and TH's principles.
| Perhaps that's been for the best?
| [Enabled more folks to understand?]
| [If anyone's been reading what I post :-]

The above is worth further-discussion.

I've not fully-understood what others
don't understand of NDT and TH be-
cause no one has ever said anything
like, "Ken, I don't understand what
you mean when you say [this or that
that I've discussed]." Which non-in-
forming has occurred, at least in-part
because ["of course"] I've repeatedly
"admonished" folks, "don't respond".

It's this "don't respond" stuff that is
what, at this 'point', is "worth discus-

Why, when I =need= to understand
what folks do, and do not, understand
of NDT and TH, would I "admonish"
folks, "don't respond"?

It's Simple.

I achieved Unification in both NDT
and TH before I began to discuss
NDT and TH online, and, be-cause
I did achieve Unification in both NDT
and TH before I began to discuss them
online, I've Known, with Certainty, all
along that no one would be able to
raise any argument that'd give either
NDT or TH any 'difficulty'.

But I also Knew that both NDT and
TH were 'unfamiliar' to folks other
than me, and, in that Knowledge, is
=Obligation-to-understand= the TD
E/I(up) that'd occur within folks'
nervous systems as I, as Gently as I
could, exposed folks to NDT and

Get it?

See how NDT's understanding Works?

It allowed me to See that I just had
to Teach-while-being-Patient -- so that,
litle-by-little, "biological mass" pertaining
to NDT and TH could be created within
others' nervous systems. [If anyone act-
ually reads the discussions I post :-]

And, so, I've reiteratively "admonished",
"don't respond", =not= because I've not
been, all along, "Aching" to understand
what folks do, and do not, understand
of NDT and TH, but =be-cause= I un-
derstood how and why the "Newness"
inherent in NDT and TH would tend,
strongly, to induce TD E/I(up) within
folks' nervous systems, and how any
why that TD E/I(up) would tend, also
strongly, to induce folks to "fly-off-the-
handle" in 'objection' to this or that with
respect to what I'd discussed of NDT
and/or TH.

And, because, it's old-long-since ["old
lang syne" :-] that I'd achieved Complete
Unification within both NDT and TH,
I was Obliged to Protect Innocents from
their absence-of-understanding of how
and why their nervous systems tend,
strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically
"react" to occurrences of TD E/I(up).

This's the Fundamental essence of
"Love" -- such "assisting of the Loved
ones", in a fore-bearing way that acts
in the Loved one's Best-Interests.

Get it?

I Love you in this way.

It's why I've reiterated, "don't respond".

But there's more in such Love.

It does what Needs to be done to
enable Love to Blossom-more.

That's why I've been, increasingly, ex-
pressing my Hope that folks =will=
"respond". In doing so, I'm acting
in the role of a "Teacher" who knows
that, if his "Students" are to actually
come to be able to put understanding
into-practice, the "Students" must
have =Safe= Opportunity to take
their "first awkward steps" with re-
spect to actually putting understand-
ing "into practice".

This circumstance is closely-analog-
ous to the way a Father encourages
his Child to "We'll go ahead and take
the training wheels off of your bike",
even though the Father knows that
there'll be some "wild-bike-riding"
occurring in the transition to full-skill
in "bicycle-riding".

Get it?

Loving his Child, the Father, stands
by the Child -- perhaps keeping a
hand on the bicycle seat -- as the
Child makes the transition between
the artificially-assisted "idea" and

My read is that we're at about this
'point' with respect to NDT's and TH's

So it'd be useful, with respect to folks'
gaining-of-Skill in these two bodies
of understanding, if folks do express
"what it is" that they don't, yet, under-
stand of either NDT or TH.

You know -- it'd be Useful if folks did
some "take-your-first-steps" stuff with
respect to their own applications of
NTD and TH.

But, like the Loving-Father, I Choose
to win my "Child's" Love by Honoring
my "Child's" Free Will [by not "forcing"
the "Child" to "get on that 'bike', and
ride it".

Do folks see how I've worked as I
have worked, and why?

It's the =ONLY= Way.

The only way that actually-works.

Anything else instantiates "inward
spirals" that "rip-everything-apart"
in the "Rage" of nervous systems'
"going amygdalar" [see the dis-
cussion of the amygdala's low-
'level' "supersystem configuration"
"governance" in AoK, Ap5].

So, since I want to Build-up, and
not, 'Rip-apart', I Choose Love.

Get it?

"Love" isn't some "wimpy"-stuff.

Love does what Needs to be done -- 
does the work, inherent -- and, then,
offers-its-fruits as a Gift that assuages
the "turmoil-within" [the TD E/I(up)
that =ALWAYS= accompanies "new-
ness", and transition-to-Skill with re-
spect to the "newness".

Love doesn't 'seek-profits' in the
midst of such.

Love seeks Love's "Blossoming"-more.

Get it?

I Love you in this Way.

And that's why I've done stuff that I
understood folks did not, at this or
that 'time', understand -- enduring
the TD E/I(up), inherent, because
that, too, was just =in= what Need-
ed to be done.

Get it?

I wasn't actually "being-weird" :-]

I was just Trying my Best to be Love.

'Cause it's old-long-since that I'd
cast-aside my own "training-wheels".

You know -- it's =Pass It Forward=

Sort of like the way one climbs-up
a crevace by placing one's feet on
one of its walls, and one's back on
the other.

Nothing to "stand"-on.

Except Love.

And "Love Will lift us up where we
belong" [A Songwriter, unknown to
me. Thank You for your Work, who-
ever you are.]

K. P. Collins 

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