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[Neuroscience] Re: On Whence Come All-Possible Ratios

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jun 13 01:49:02 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message 
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Oh Lord! It's a "Flood".

In reading of Acchimedes' Resolution
of "buoyancy" in Dr. Gamow's Excellent!
Book [which I've finished, back-to-front,
finding some Advantages in this way, BTW]
I realized that, be-cause it's emersed within
the UES, all "mass" is =weightless=.

The =Illusion= of "weight" derives-in the
unequal-order-ratio of energy flowing-into
vs. energy flowing-out-of the SSW<->UES
harmonics, which is the result of the phys-
ically-real =work= that the UES does in
it's 'sustaining' of "SSWs" ['atoms'], and
which is what's been referred to as "gravity",
and which maps WDB2T Rigorously to
the accelerating-expansion of the Universe
[the accelerating-expansion is a Conse-
quence of the work that the UES does in
it's 'sustaining' of "SSWs"].

What 'gravity' =is= is the motion of "SSWs"
within the Universal energy-gradient that is
WDB2T which is always Directed with re-
spect to the unequal-order-ratio, above,
with respect to which, "SSWs" aglomerate
be-cause of relative-"Ephemerance" [rel-
ative "energy's-freedom-to-move"], which
is always relatively-restricted, on an energy-
gradient-'line' which correlates with the
least-action path between "SSWs".

Except for the "weightlessness" of "matter",
I'd discussed all of this in long-former posts.

But Dr. Gamow's discussion of Dr. Newton's
study of the "penetration of projectiles", with
them "stopping" when "the mass of the medium
moved aside is of the same order of magni-
tude as [their] own mass", and Dr. Gamow's
discussion of Archimedes "buoyancy" studies,
allowed me to See how and why the UES
has been "discounted" -- it's be-cause, since
[the stuff I discussed in my previous post,
linked-to above], the UES's 'containment'
of "SSWs" just Balances the energy 'con-
tained-within' the SSW<->UES compress-
ion<->expansion harmonics, "SSWs" are
as spherical volumes of the same-stuff as
the UES, so, except for the unequal-energy-
order-ratio that's what 'gravity' physically is,
they're 'perfectly'-"buoyed" within it. [Single
quotes around "perfectly" because there're
g'zillions of ways to "weight" the UES, and
in each of these, the Natural "buoyancy" of
the UES is temproarily-altered. [The "Dyn-
amic-Crystalography" stuff that I discussed
in my previous post [and which is just the
same-stuff as I discussed, in long-former
posts, with respect to "Simultaneous Differ-
ential EEG" [SDEEG]] being an example.]

Anyway, I don't "expect" anyone to be
able to See all that's in this stuff.

I'm just Honoring-Truth, inherent.

But it's a =Vast= "Wonderland", through
which I'm Joyously-traversing.

"Picking-up the "Jewels" that're =every-
where= within-it :-] [Dr. Gamow's Ex-
cellent! Book 'just' "clicked", all over
the place, and I'll be discussing more
stuff that was stimmed during my reading
of it. Don't know when. "Eventually." Just
'now' I've got to Care for my Being. The
Obligation is 'Difficult'.]

By and by, folks'll get it.

K. P. Collins 

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