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[Neuroscience] Freedom of Speech is not only a Right but an Obligation

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jun 13 01:49:06 EST 2005

Happy 76th 'Birthday'! Anne Frank (1929).
Happy 107th Rebirth-into-Freedom Day!

I'm 'pretty'-'tired' this 'night', largely be-
cause I've got to do some 'Difficult' stuff
that just Needs to be Done before I can
do the other stuff that just needs to be

I Saw that in my reading of an Article in
the Friday, 2005-06-10 Edition of the
=New York Times=: "Panel Would Cut
Public-Broadcasting Aid", by S. Labaton,
p. B3.

It's Regrettable that it's so.

Freedom of Speech is not 'only' a Right
of all People, Everywhere, but an Oblig-

Think about it.

If folks go around, seeing stuff that's
"broken", but remain 'silent', how can
anything that's "broken" ever come to
be addressed strongly-enough that it
will be Fixed?

As a "corrolary" of this, if folks go
around =Deliberately= 'covering-up'
this or that that they know goes-against
the wider-Good, then they are Failing
in their Obligation as Citizens, aren't


In terms of the way nervous systems
process information, all of this is
straightforward, as is discussed in
the sections of AoK, Ap5, 6, 7 and
8 that discuss the "phases" of TD E/I-
minimization, and, in-particular, the
section of AoK, Ap5 that discusses
"sensory-motor TD E/I-mismatches"
and "automatic error detection".

See, if everyone goes around not dis-
cussing what they see needs-Fixing,
then that leaves a "tuning-precision
void" [AoK, "Short Paper"] within
nervous systems, collectively, with
respect to the stuff that needs-Fixing.

Nervous systems 'blindly' and automat-
ically 'recognize' such "tuning-precision
voids", but, because no one talks about
them, such 'recognition' occurs in a "neb-
ulous" fashion, that has "simmering emot-
ional" quality [which is 'just' relatively-
high TD E/I] because, since no one ever
talks about it, there's little Opportunity
for the occurrence of "sensory-motor
mismatches", =and= the automated-Rec-
ognition of Error that they make-Possible
during the course of 'normal' TD E/I-min-
imization -- which means that "passive->
active [and active->passive] phase shifts
simply cannot occur robustly within
groupwise-TD E/I-minimization, and, more-
significantly, the 'interminable'-groupwise-
TD E/I(up) will "trip" the amygdalar low-
'level' "supersystem configuration" mechan-
ism [AoK, Ap5], =groupwise= [which
is a correlate of the Societal, "ups-and-
downs" that Ravage Eononomies [and
societal-dynamics, in-general. Economic
"malaise" =always= Discloses Society-
wide TD E/I(up)].

Which is how and why folks're left to
"mutter-in-'secret'" about stuff that they
can See needs-Fixing, but which "nev-

Get it?

So Free Speech is not 'just' a Right.

It's the Obligation of all People, Every-

The Consequences, inherent, are Merci-
lessly-Enacted by Truth.

Get it?

That's what folks "moan-and-groan"
about 'in-private' -- the Consequences
in-Truth -- that they must never-endingly
'endure' as a result of their Failing in
their Obligation to Speak-Freely with
respect to what-needs-Fixing.

=Yes= Free Speech can be "messy" -- 
be-cause, when one speaks with respect
to what one "sees", one's speech derives
in TD E/I-minimization =within one's own=
nervous system, as a function of =one's
own= experience, and, since one's own
experience =always= differs, more or
less, from the experience of others, there's
=always= a degree of 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I(up) that accompanies one's exer-
cise of one's Right, and one's Fulfillment
of one's Obligation, to Free Speech.

But, get it?

That TD E/I(up) is the "stuff" that enables
nervous systems to do their "sensory-motor
mismatch error-detection" and to achieve
TD E/I-minimized "supersystem [re-]con-
figurations" that, little-by-little, enable
groupwise TD E/I-minimization to occur.

So See? Not speaking-Freely with respect
to stuff that one knows needs-Fixing is a
"prescription" for Societal Failure that ac-
cumulates out of the individual Failures
with respect to Citizens' Obligations with
respect to Freedom of Speech.

So these folks, who want to "cut the
funding" of Public-Broadcasting are liter-
ally =Attacking= the Citizenry's Obligation
with respect to Freedom of Speech -- 
=Deliberately= taking-action that'll con-
sign the Citizenry to the "slow-boil" of
never-ending, elevated TD E/I.

Get it?

Such =Cannot= be allowed to Stand
within a "Democratic" Society. It's a Pre-
scription for Societal Failure.

I don't "agree" with everything that's
communicated via Public Broadcasting
[or any other source of information].

But, when I "disagree" with this or that
that's broadcast [or, otherwise, Pub-
lished], I =call= them, or =write= to
them, to give them the Benefit of "cor-
rection" as it seems, =to me=, is "nec-

The =NYT= Article quotes some Gov-
ernment officials saying that, ~"in a time
of fiscal flatness, cuts have to be made".

So "cut" sources of Information?

Such doesn't compute.

In 'times' of fiscal crisis, the Citizenry
needs =more= Information, not less.

Anyway this 'excuse' offered by the
Government officials is =Baseless=
because it's been Government that's
Squandered the National Treasure,
hasn't it?


So, take even more from the Citizenry
to 'cover-up' the Squandering of the
National Treasure?

"Yeah, sure."

But the thing that really gets my "blood-
boiling" about these proposed "cuts"
in the Public-Sharing-of-Information is
that that's what happens in Brutal-Dic-
tatorships, not Democracies, and par-
ticularly-Not in Democracies that're
literally =Founded-Upon= Freedom-Of-
Speech, and which =Codify= such into
The Law Of The Land, as was done
by the Founders, and Remains, =in=
The Constitution Of The United States
Of America.

This "cutting" of funding is literally an
Attack on The Constitution -- literally
an Attacking of America, and all She
has stood for, and, Hopefully, if enough
Citizens meet their Obligations to Free-
dom of Speech, what America will =En-
duringly= Stand-For.

=Especially= in 'times' of "tumoil", a Fund-
amental-Need is =INFORMATION=.

'cut' such, and the "turmoil" is 'only' left
to do what it will, while an uninformed
Citizenry is left without the TD E/I that
would, otherwise, Educate its Choices
and Actions.

That is not the stuff of "Democracy".

'moving away from' Truth =NEVER=
accomplishes anything, except the heap-
ing-up of the Consequences that're in-
Truth right-smack-dab-in-the-path of
those who 'try' to 'move away from'

"Gees 'louise'!" =Understand that=.

[Think of this stuff in terms of what I've
done with respect to the Science I do.
It's been "forty miles of bad road". I
mean, the only thing I've experienced
as a result of the work I've done in
Science is to be Ostracized, and treat-
ed as a Slave by folks who want to
'seek-profits' through the ab-use of
the work I've done in Science.

But even though that's been the case,
such does not "give me a right" to with-
hold the fruits of my labors from others,
does it?


I'm =Obliged= to do what I 'can' do, on
behalf of The Citizenry -- else I'd tacitly
'move away from' my own Citizenry.

Get it?

Freedom of Speech is =not= 'only' a

It's an Obligation -- one that Maps
right into:

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you
right back.

Not and Not.


I will not 'move away from' my Citizenry
by any such 'blundering' into Failure with
respect to my Obligations as Citizen.

Nor will I 'move away from' my Belief
in America.

So, See? I'm =not= 'blind' to everything
that's been going-on, and I'm not some
"gullible problem-solving-machine" that
can be, in any way, "manipulated".

I do what I do =regardless= of what's
done to 'me'.

Because, when I Look, I See my Ob-
ligation as Citizen.

I  Love you, and America as I Know Her,
in that Way, regardless of what Government
officials do, and do not do.

It's just =IN= Being-"Citizen", and =IN=
nervous system function, as I discussed

It's 'just' in-Truth.

Learned it from Jesus. ~"DO good to
those who persecute you, turn the other
cheek, go the extra mile, and give 'em
your shirt, too."

All of this is =in= the way that nervous
systems work, as above, and in-Truth.

Jesus Knew!]

K. P. Collins

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