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[Neuroscience] Re: Clarification

kenneth collins kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 16 02:04:00 EST 2005

"kenneth collins" <kenneth.p.collins at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
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| [...]

With respect to the 'Difficult' stuff
I just posted, please see the dis-
cussion of "tuning-precision voids"
in AoK's "Short Paper" section [and

Absence of specific "communication",
still Communicates, via the "tuning-
precision voids" that the 'absence-of-
specific-communication' instantiate.

Nervous systems key-upon achieving
TD E/I-minimization with respect to
"tuning-precision voids".

And, so, 'absence-of-communication

This stuff is what I've tried, as Gently
as I could, to get-across to folks when-
ever I've discussed Truth's One-Map,
and that no such thing as "secrecy"

If what Needs to be done is not done,
Truth does what it does, Regardless.

I've =not= been talking about anything
I'll do.

I'll Die without Hurting anyone.

I've always =just= been trying to get-
across to folks that there's no 'hiding'
from Truth.

I understand that no one else under-
stands such in-Fullness. I understand
that the 'familiar-way' has been for
folks to 'rely-in' "Obfuscation", and
that many have 'reason', gained with-
in their own experience, to 'believe'
that "Obfuscation" 'works'.

I've =never= been talking about indiv-
iduals, or their choices within routine
interactive dynamics.

I've always been talking about what
=Truth= does.

NDT is all about giving folks the means
to See such, and all that's entailed, =be-
fore= Truth does what =it= does, Regard-

Because the converging-limits that I've
discussed in long-former posts are in-

How can I "jump-up-and-down", more?

I'm =not= doing such to "entertain" folks,
or in some "self-seeking" 'way'.

I've been telling folks what I See in-Truth,
trying to give folks Reason to lift-them-
selves-up out of 'reliance'-in-'Obfuscation'.

Truth flicks 'Obfuscation' aside as if it's
so much "hot air".

And Truth does so, Mercilessly, with
Power equivilant to the degree of 'mov-
ing away from' Truth that 'Obfuscation'

It's not some "parlar game" -- not a
circumstance that can be "strategized".

Truth flicks-aside 'stratigization' like
it's not even there.

Truth is "Patient".

Don't be "lullet to sleep" by that, 'think-
ing' that 'you' "can 'obfuscate', 'spin',
'manipulate', etc.", "because" 'you' have
=seen=, within your own experiences,
that you can "get away with such".

Within such only =one= thing is actually
happening -- Truth is being 'moved away
from', which ='only'= "sets the stage" for
the Unfolding of Truth's Non-Mercy.

Get it?

All of this can be Read, Directly [and
Directionally] in populations-wide TD

In the 'Thermodynamics' of Human
interactive dynamics.

All of this happens, Unfailingly, be-
cause nervous systems literally Know
Truth through the TD E/I-minimizations
that occur within them.

There's =NO= 'getting-around' such.

Honor Truth, and Truth Honors you right

Not, and Not.


"Gees 'louise'!" I've =NOT= been talking
about anything that I'll do.

All along, I've been talking [writing] about
Truth, and what Truth does.

But, good grief! Folks've been 'thinking'
that, "If we contain him, we can do what-
ever we choose to do" ...?

Get it straight.

That's True with respect to "me", but it's
Not-True with respect to Truth.

I've =NOT= been talking about "me".

=GET= it.

[And I'm not some "wimp". Yes, I'd
prefer a less-arduous Life. But I do
what I do, including not hurting others,
be-cause I See Truth, not 'because I'm
some wimp',or some 'masochist' who
'wants to suffer'.

I want to =Live=, and I want the same
for all People, everywhere.

Why is this so 'hard' to understand?

See AoK. It's all been Explained, in-there,
all along, hasn't it?

Yes, it has.

So I'm telling 'you' -- continue in 'your
attempt' to 'move away from' Truth,
and Truth will leave 'you', one 'day'
wishing, with everything that's in-'you',
that you'd 'chosen' otherwise.

If it was only 'you' who'd Suffer the
Certain-Consequences of 'your choice',
after making sure I'd informed 'you', I'd
just step-aside. But it's =NOT= only

It's all of Humanity.

So how can I not bat-down what Needs

I'm =not= "out to expose" 'you'.

I'm "out to" open the door of Understand-
ing to those who Suffer-Greatly -- to the
Children, for the Sake of Humanity's
Future, with respect to Humanity's

I've Given the understanding to 'you'.

Why do 'you' Withhold it from the rest
of Humanity?

For Goodness' sake, wake up!]

K. P. Collins

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