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[Neuroscience] Re: Nystatin for perforated patches

SJM Guzman jose.guzman at medizin-uni-leipzig.de
Mon Jun 27 12:09:40 EST 2005

Hi there!

I have some experience with perforated patch-clamp. For Nystatin you 
should simply to take care to work in darkness, when possible (it is 
UV-sensitive...). Stock solution should be stored (-20ºC) in those color 
eppendorf tubes or wrapped with Aluminum foil, to keep them away from 
the UV rays....

I could give you more advices, if you tell me exactly which kind of 
cells are you trying to patch (slices or cell-culture?).

I personally find Anphotericin B better for perforated patching! :P


bilz0r at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently got in some Fluka nystatin from sigma:
> http://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/search/ProductDetail/FLUKA/74721
> ..for perforated patching. Now while I understand how to use nystatin
> in theory, the actual practicalities escape me. Specifically, it says
> on the side of the bottle, that it is UV sensitive, and that I need to
> store it under argon! I don't think there is any argon within a mile
> from my lab, what am I supposed to do when I make up my portion of DMSO
> stock? Or is it one of those kinda "in a perfect world, you'd store it
> under argon, but in reality, no one actually does this" kinda warnings?
> Anyone know?
> Thanks


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