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Thu Mar 3 05:04:58 EST 2005

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 "Sir Frederick" <mmcneill at> wrote:

> >Yes.  Zeki used it to deactivate the perception of motion, and it can 
> >generate phosphenes.
> >
> >         Matthew.
> In this question, is the proper verb 'effect' or 'affect'?
> In the subject, is there any automatic confabulation to 'make
> sense' of the phosphenes? What might be a typical confabulation?
> What are the color attributes of the phosphenes?

They vary according to the source and the region stimulated, if I recall 
correctly.  You can gently press the sides of your eyeballs with your 
eyes closed to generate phosphenes if you like.  Somehow I suspect you 
already know that, though.

Your choice of verbs is a little obscure, but the subject stimulated 
over MT with the appropriate latency were unable to reliably indicate if 
a stimulus was moving or not.  It's years since I read it though - have 
learned a lot since then, perhaps I should dig it out ... !



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