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I'll try to say a few things more-clearly, below.

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| [...]

| My kitchen sink is still non-functional, so
| I'm using my bathroom sink for "kitchen"
| stuff, and I observed something that's
| interesting.
| [My hot water heater is in my kitchen] -- 
| about 30 feet from my bathroom sink, and
| I can tell when the hot water makes it to the
| faucet in my bathroom sink because the
| sound the water makes as it leaves the
| faucet changes when the hot water gets-
| there.

It's often the case that I don't =feel= the
temp change because I'm trying to be
careful with the drain in my bathroom sink,
so I fill a cooking container with water,
swish it around, and dump it in the toilet.



Hey, one's gotta do what one's gotta do.
My "experimental method" :-]

You know -- "Look elsewhere" while you're
looking at the same-old-stuff, and you'll see
stuff that was always there, but so-'familiar' -- 
so-TD E/I-minimized -- that it was 'invisible'
["habituated"]. And it's worth-the-effort to
do this "looking-elsewhere" routinely, be-
cause, since you're always learning new
stuff, when the 'invisible' stuff becomes 'vis-
ible', it always changes stuff that you 'thought'
you "knew". Just remember that so-Seeing
old-stuff in the light of the formerly-'invisible'
stuff will 'make you unpopular' with folks
who like to see old-stuff in the same-old-way -- 
especially when you work your way all the
way down to 'atoms' :-]

Anyway, since there're these turn-my-
back-on-the-sink operations, it's often
the case that the water-temp changes
while I'm turned-away from the sink.

Which is why I noticed the temp-correlated
sound differential.

Serendipity -- if my kitchen sink was func-
tional, I'd've probably not've discovered
the phenomenon.

| I'm literally hearing the SSW<->UES
| harmonics :-]
| [...]

"The music of the spheres" :-]


It maps right into the black body power
spectrum, is another way to "weigh" the UES,
and the sound-TempK-differential constitutes
another macroscopic 'atom'.

k. p. collins 

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