I'll not be giving up my Inet Account soon [was Loose Ends]

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[If what's here makes no sense to you, don't
be concerned. What's here is for folks who
do understand, but with respect to whose
best-interests I've Failed.]

I've thrice ERRED.

1. I usually tell folks to "stand-clear" when
I go into Battle-mode. And, although I said
I was going into Battle, I Failed to do tell
folks to stand-clear.

It was because I'd decided to give up my
account when I saw that the Battle [re. Mol-
Bio] had already commenced. [It "jumped"
me, and my response was as it always is
when there's something that needs-doing.]

But, then, I saw an "other" Need for keeping
my account, and, since I was already in
"Battle-mode, I forgot to tell folks to "stand-

So stand-clear. [In other, analogous, instances,
I wrote, "Don't respond."]

2. I Failed to carry-through awareness, on
others' behalfs, that =everyone= is a Victim
of "Abstract Ignorance", and that, as always,
anything I do is with respect to lifting =every-
one= up out of that. The "cause" was the same
as above -- got caught-up in a 'tweener with re-
spect to my already being in Battle-mode -- 
didn't run through my standard pre-Battle

I understand that this stuff will seem "strange",
but I've got to be Forthright with respect to
it because I'm already in the "Fight", and I've
got to see-it-through.

I Failed in another way:

3. "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Sorry, Lord.

Sorry, Everyone.

The other thing is, I need to reiterate that
it's been for the best that circumstances have
required me to endure Solitude. It boosted
the TD E/I that I had to carry, and that lifted-
me-up to doing more than I'd've, otherwise,

When I "whine" about it, what I'm actually
doing is what I can to Teach folks about how
'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance", Ravages

Understand 'the beast', and Separate yourself
from the rest.

I'll do my part by staying in the "Battle", and
sparing folks "the running-commentary".

k. p. collins 

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