The Unifying Principle of Biology

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| What distinction are you intending to convey by use of single
| and double quote marks?

Hi Francis,

I use single quotes to connote that
"there's more in the word" than is,
typically, implied in 'normal' usage.

In what you've quoted, above, I
was implying that "the mitral valve
is not insignificant".

In my first sentence in this reply,
I used single quotes around "normal"
because "normal" doesn't exist. Folks
use words like that to address prob-
abilities, for the sake of verbal economy,
but each person's experience is individ-
ually-unique, and it's important to rec-
ognize that, which is what I'm doing
when I use single quotes around

And with respect to "element", I
was invoking a generalized-case.
If I'd've thought, more, I'd've prob-
aly used single quotes.

"Language" is so very-weak.

There's always vastly-more "under-
neathe" it, in Thought.

And my use of "language" is that
way in-extreme.

Basically, the way I write is a way
I entertain myself -- in an effort to
make keeping-my-nose-to-the-grind-
stone endurable. My personal circum-
stances are a bit on the hard side. And
it works for me. [It's not all "play",
though. I'm always trying to see more
deeply into things, and being flexible
in my usage both helps and reflects
that, and is also just being Honest
with respect to folks' individual-unique-
nesses -- the fact that my experience is
different from other folks' experiences,
and also that the stuff I routinely discuss
is 'unfamiliar' to others -- so I'm "asking"
folks to "think outside the box" by writ-
ing "outside the box". "Language", to
me, is just a "fluid-glimpse" into Thought.]

If I ever "break-out", with the benefit
of 'normal' interactive dynamics, my
"language" and usage will snap-back
to "Standard".

I hope :-]

Cheers, ken

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