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| What happened was that Thermodynamics
| was defined to be "statistical" long ago, and
| folks'd not gone-back to refine it as further
| understanding of "energy" accumulated. [This
| is a =common= 'problem' in Science. Folks
| are busy discovering new stuff, but they don't
| apply the new stuff in refining old, long-'fam-
| iliar' stuff, be-cause they didn't know that
| all nervous systems do is 'blindly'-automated
| TD E/I-minimization, which imparts the =Illu-
| sion= that this or that lonf-'familiar' [long-TD
| E/I-minimized] stuff is 'completely-known',
| even though it's easy to see that, because of
| WDB2T, order can exist only to the degree
| that work is done to impart order. That is,
| "old-stuff" is not, somehow, 'perfectly-order-
| ed. It's just like all other stuff in The Universe -- 
| =always= being able to have increased-order
| imposed upon it through the doing of work.

When something is "learned", the "learning"
occurs in the form of "biological mass", and
the "learning" is actualized be-cause the "bio-
logical mass" exerts physical inertia within
the neural Topology.

Part of this is that the "biological mass" in-
cludes modifications to the neural Topology -- 
in the form of sprouting and further growth
of axon collaterals, dendritic trees, and detailed
stuff like "spines", synapse modifications, ion-
gates and their placements, and other stuff that
I've not yet discussed [but will].

Although this "biological mass" seems "different
from" "mass" as it's invoked in Physics [because,
after all, it's Alive, and intricately-distributed
within the neural Topology], it's all =exactly=
similar to any other physical "mass" [and not
only because it has physical mass :-]

The connection to the way "mass" is invoked
in Physics is via the way that "biological mass"
exerts force within the neural Topology and
upon the 3-D energydynamics ["3-D E"] that
occur within the neural Topology.

When one gets-past the biological-embodiment,
same-old, same-old.

Which means that imparting order to "biological
mass" is exactly analogous to imparting order
to any physical "mass" -- requires the doing of
physically-real work, and the quantity of order
that's imparted to the "biological mass" is non-
linearly-proportional to the quantity of work
that's done.

But the True-Wonder stuff that I'm actually
working to convey to folks is that the order that
results from doing [TD E/I-minimization] work
to create "biological mass" is, literally, what
"knowledge" is.

So "knowledge" exists as a function of all of
the stuff that I've discussed above, and creating
more "knowledge" requires that more order be
imparted to "biological mass".

And the point that I was addressing in my earlier
post [quoted above] is that the order that can
be imparted to "biological mass" is Infinite -- I
mean, the work that one person does in impart-
ing order to "biological mass" within her nervous
system, thus physically-embodying "knowledge",
is =never= "Perfect" -- be-cause it's Impossible
for one nervous system to experience "all the en-
ergy there is", and, thus, 'be able' to impart "Per-
fect" order to "knowledge".

But nervous systems are Extraordinarily-cap-
able of imparting order to "biological mass",
and individuals =can= do so extremely-power-
fully. And, if anyone wants to 'move' "knowledge"
to a more-ordered 'state', one must do inform-
ation-processing work that "grasps" the 'state'
of order that was imparted to "biological mass"
by others, and impart further order to 'it' by
constructing "biological mass", that's more-mass-
ive, within their own nervous systems.

It's =always= Possible to do so because, "stand-
ing on the shoulders" of the folks who did work
to construct "biological mass" within =their=
nervous systems, one can use their "knowledge"
as a "foundation" on which to construct more-
ordered "biological mass".

But none of this happens when folks 'declare'
previously-existing "knowledge" to 'be complete',
and what can =always= be done is left undone.

To date, this exceedingly-Sorrowful eventuality
has occurred for =one= 'reason' -- folks did not
understand how and why nervous systems pro-
cess information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
minimization, so they suffered the Illusion of
'knowledge-perfection' -- be-cause it's =always=
the case that, before further order can be imparted
to pre-existing "biological mass", the order of that
pre-existing "biological mass" must be "broken-
apart", which occurs as a =decrease= in relative-
order, and this's always experienced as an increase
in TD E/I. So, not understanding how nervous
systems work, folks =presume= that the occurr-
ence of this increased TD E/I 'means' that there's
no way to impart further order to pre-existing
"biological mass" -- to pre-existing "knowledge".

But all of that is =always= an Illusion that results
from absence-of-understanding with respect to
nervous system function, and =never= anything
that actually pertains to the external correlates of
the "biological mass".

Get it?

It's a Sinister way in which the "duality" that ex-
ists at the "heart" of nervous system function
[that nervous systems converge upon behavior,
etc., only as =by-products= of primary TD E/I-
minimization] acts within, and upon, Human in-
teractive dynamics, rendering =everything=
within Human interactive dynamics vastly-less
than they can be, including the infliction of "man's
inhumanity to man".

All of this Derives in this =one= Absence-of-
understanding, which is what I refer to as 'the
beast', "Abstract Ignorance".

Sorry about ending-up doing my same-old
"Lament".The "take-home" stuff of this post is
actually the "biological mass" stuff, and the way
it Suffers folks with the Illusion that old, long-
'familiar' stuff 'is perfect'.

That's =Never= the case, and it =Never= will
be the case.

There'll =always= be work that needs-doing,
and Humans will always be Capable of doing it.

The "Key" that "opens the door" to the Doing
is understanding how and why nervous systems
process information via 'blindly'-automated TD

And that's =Simple=.

| But this's pretty-much 'invisible' if one doesn't
| understand how and why nervous systems
| process information via 'blindly'-automated
| TD E/I-minimization. And this's =Important=
| because the Illusion of 'perfection', left un-
| comprehended, is what leads folks folks to
| Kill one another or, otherwise, Ravage one
| anothers' Beings.]
| [...]

k. p. collins 

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