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The mechanical view of 'equilibrium' and
'diffusion' seems to be strongly-substantiated
by 'vacuum-containers'.

You know -- like a Thermos[tm] bottle -- the
stuff it contains remains hot or cold for relatively-
long periods of 'time' -- as compared to a sim-
ilar amount of stuff, at the same initial tempera-
ture, that's put in a covered plastic container.

The main difference is that the Thermos bottle
consists of a double-walled, mirrored thing,
with the air being relatively-sucked-out from
between the double walss, which creates a
degree of "vacuum".

The functioning of this sort of container sub-
stantiates the mechanical view of 'equilibrium'
and 'diffusion' because, since there's a degree
of 'vacuum' between the double walls of the
container, there's 'no' material path through
which "heat" can pass -- so, in accord with
the mechanical view, "heat" tends to either
stay-in, or stay-out-of, the inner volume of
the 'vacuum' bottle.

In the plastic thing, heat can transmit through
the wall of the container because the mech-
anical motions can, through collisions, impart
mechanical motions to the stuff of the container,
and, through 'random' motions thus generated,
the heat passes through the container wall,
either out of, or into, the contained volume.

And this evidence is pretty-strong because,
after all the differences between the two
containers are obviously correlated to the
differences in the rates of energy-flow in-
to, and out of, the containers.

Eliminate the ability to "collide" with material
stuff, and you eliminate the ability of heat to
move into and out of a container -- so heat-
transfer must need mechanical contact?

The point being that, contrary to the "just-
energy" view that I discussed in my earlier
post [linked-to above], 'equilibrium' and
'diffusion' occur via "random thermal mo-
tions" which actualize the mechanical col-
lisions that empower the net motions

And it's =almost= convincing.

Heat =does= cross the 'vacuum', as any Child
knows when he returns home after having skipped
the lunch his Mom prepared for him in favor of
playing Kickball. The milk is spoiled when he pours
it out of his 'vacuum' bottle after he gets Home.

"Imperfect vacuum!"

Oh yeah?

What's the "container" with respect to the so-called


'gravity' 'contains' WDB2T?


The interstellar-'vacuum' is Cold be-cause inter-
stellar space is Big, and getting-Bigger, accelerat-
ingly, so energy 'diffusing' into interstellar space gets
spread-thin. [And the "cosmic background radia-
tion" is only indirectly correlated to the "big bang".
It's actually the residual energy that's flowing out
of the stars, and reflects the "big bang" because
space is expanding. Think about it. All the energy
from the big bang, itself, is =long= gone-by the
material Universe, so how could it be observed?
And how could we be "looking back in time"
when we we observe the "cosmic background
radiation"? All of the radiation correlated to the
big bang was specifically-vectored normal to
the surface of a 'sphere'. None of it could possi-
bly "turn-back" upon the inside of that 'sphere'
[at least not in the universal-expansion phase in
which we exist.] So what we see, and refer to as
the "cosmic background radiation" has to be vec-
tored from material masses, so it's just the residual
star-radiation that happens to be heading in our
direction, and there's extremely-very-much more
of it than we are able to observed, because most
of it is vectored in directions that aren't viewable
from where we are. "Harrumph!" :-]

The energy-flow that is WDB2T discloses that
=nothing= resists energy's 'just'-flowing-ness. [No
'pun' intended with respect to the supposed "no-
thingness of the interstellar-'vacuum' :-]

The contents of the 'vacuum' bottle returns to
ambient temp because the energy that empowers
the 'just'-energy directing of molecular motion in
'equilibrim' and 'diffusion' "leaks"-through the 'vac-
uum' between its double walls.

Kind of like the way the molecular stuff comprising
"air" leaks out of a balloon, except that the "air"
is molecular stuff. [The molecular stuff 'diffuses'
through the balloon's membrane [and, eventually,
'through' everything else] be-cause the 'atoms'
comprising the molecules of "air" are, themselves,
'just'-energy. shape-shifting-capable, depending
on it's local energy-surround -- so it literally slips
through the "bonds" of the membrane, sometimes
so forcefully that it instantiates a catastrophic
tearing of the membrane's stuff -- "little bang" :-]

What I'm doing in these 'just'-energy discussions
[besides raising a lot of eyebrows] is =just= show-
ing folks that the old stuff is not "the only" way of
explaining physical reality, and, hopefully, that it's
not "the best" way to explain physical reality.

Yes, it's long-established, and, yes, 'everyone's
'familiar', and able to work, with it.

But, if it artificially "blocks" our going-further,
that's 'two'-great-a-cost for us to pay for our
being able to laze-around in our prevailing TD
E/I-minimization 'convenience'.

And the 'just'-energy view does, in fact, make
all manner of stuff that's rendered 'impossible'
under the constraints of "mechanical" views,
not only Possible, but flat-out Doable [across
the board, not only in Neuroscience].

So why accept the artificial-'confinement' of
the 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization
that treats old, long-'familiar' stuff as if it's
'more-important' than the Children?

Sorry. I had to get this stuff "off my chest".

Now, being able to 'breathe' again, I can
get back to my reading in my Intro Mol-Bio

I've still 'chagrin' because I already know that
the Solution I'm converging upon derives in
'just'-energy's flowingness, and I'm 'wondering'
if, when I get around to discussing it, folks'll
think that I'm writing in some "alien language" :-]

Update on my car: It's apparently "dead". I've
no way of working on it [unless I dig a "pit"
under it :-] so I'll have to sacrifice a 'month's
Life to try to have it repaired at a garage.

It's 'hilarious'. I was hoping to be able to
attend a local job fair in a couple of 'days'.

Man! "When it rains, it pours!"

k. p. collins

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