On 'equilibrium' 'diffusion' and 'vacuums' [was etc]

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| What I'm doing in these 'just'-energy discussions
| [besides raising a lot of eyebrows] is =just= show-
| ing folks that the old stuff is not "the only" way of
| explaining physical reality, and, hopefully, that it's
| not "the best" way to explain physical reality.
| [...]

Remember, in the 'just'-energy view [in "Tapered
Harmony"], energy is temporarily 'stored' in the
SSW<->UES harmonics, which become com-
mensurately-more-powerful. So what "heat" is
in this view is "'just'-energy" flowing out of the
SSW<->UES harmonics as they settle-back
to their ambient-temp ['normal'] 'states'.

And all of this is =Completely= Verified in the
shifting of the black-body power spectrum
maximum toward, or away from, its high-freq-
uency "end" as TempK varies.

[I wouldn't "bother" folks with this 'just'-energy
stuff if it didn't stand [long-ago] Verified.

And I wouldn't "bother" folks with it, still, if I
didn't see, from my reading in the Mol-Bio
text, that it's =really= useful with respect to
doing Molecular Biology [and that I'll be using
it in my discussion of the way that "the genome"
is coupled to experience.]

So, although it's 'difficult', there's worth in follow-
ing the discussion, which is just preliminary stuff
that needs to be done.

k. p. collins 

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