On 'equilibrium' 'diffusion' and 'vacuums' [was etc]

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I'm just 'glad' that they blew their cover
[again] before I went any further.

All Theoried-up, and no place to go.

I'm not "glad".

It's jaw-hangingly-Sorrowful that it's so.

But if folks're going to ab-use it, then why
give it to them?

It's in that sense that I'm 'glad' that they
blew their cover [again] before I went
any further.

It shouldn't be this way.

Science should 'just' be done =Openly=.

Instead, I've gotta deal with folks who
know-nothing of Science being manip-
ulated by folks who know-nothing other
than 'profits', including 'scientists' who're
'two'-much in 'love' with their 'funding'.

And 'nobody' gives a damn about the

=America=, where =are= you?

Where have you 'gone'?

"But, Ken, you were discussing nuclear
physics. We can't let you do that!"

I was discussing =Molecular Biology=,
which is at a Dead-End until the stuff
I was discussing lifts-it-up outta-

You know -- it's called "Medicine".

And, although I long-ago, shared enough
to achieve it, it's also called "Peace".

But, Lord! 'powerful' folks've so delimited
their experience to crazed-implementation
of "weaponry", they can't see Peace when
it's laid-at-their-feet.

I =Need= to stand in someone's presence.

Someone who Honors Truth, not 'profits'.

=Medicine= and =Peace= and =Profits=
come on the "wings" of Truth.

Can't anyone else see that?

It's 'hilarious' -- folks actually "believe"
that Truth yields to B. S. behind-the-
scenes 'manipulation'?

That B. S. can actually accomplish anything?

[To Innocents [if there are any]: I Apologize
to you for having to discuss this B. S.-stuff
in your electronic 'presence'.]

k. p. collins

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