On 'equilibrium' 'diffusion' and 'vacuums' [was etc]

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| I was discussing =Molecular Biology=,
| which is at a Dead-End [..]

Just like bacterial ribosomes -- be-cause
they opted to take the 'easy' way, not do-
ing 3-D E, and got stuck in-there :-]

I'm not "kidding" -- same-old, same-old.

Without 3-D E, Human "intelligence" is
"procaryotic" relative to the way Human
nervous systems -- Human Biology -- 
actually work.

Other matter: I've called myself to task
with respect to the Need to share further
stuff with folks, despite all else.

With respect to such, I take my Lead
from Jesus, and will =ONLY= endeavor
in ways that Guard Free Will.

It's 'funny' that it's so 'Difficult'.

The further stuff is all 'just' Beautiful.

Will anyone meet, with me, in-person?

[It's Funny -- every 'time' I emphasize
the need to meet with folks, in-person,
I see that 'scary comercial' running on
TV -- the one that has =Jaws= -like
'music', rising in cresesendo, playing
in the background, as the typed "chat
room" simulation becomes "Sinister".

I've been able to "play"-it, as if it's a
musical instrument :-]

And that Fact is Documented within
the Public Record.

This, to inform the 'powerful' folks that
their 'work' is self-Disclosing -- that
there's no 'secrecy' in-it -- that I see
their 'hearts' through what they do -- 
just like when one reads a Beautiful
Poem. One does not know the Poet,
but one can know the Poet's 'heart' as
one experiences the Beauty that she/he
worked to put-into the Poem.

"Inverted" [AoK, Ap4] cases, same-old,

Like the way my telephone answering
machine "clicks" =every= 'time' I bring-
up "Windows Explorer" on my Inet PC.]

"To live is so startling it leaves little time
for anything else." [Emily Dickinson

There's the rub :-]

k. p. collins 

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