On 'equilibrium' 'diffusion' and 'vacuums' [was etc]

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|| [...]
|| Like the way my telephone answering
|| machine "clicks" =every= 'time' I bring-
|| up "Windows Explorer" on my Inet PC.]
|| [...]
| For folks who 'wonder' why I do stuff
| like this, it's the only 'way' that I can
| "fight-back".
| When I tell 'them' that what 'they' do is
| Visible, they have to find another 'way'
| to do 'their' Nasty stuff, and that leaves
| me some "breathing room".

And, it's 'hilarious' -- even as I posted
the msg quoted above, my Inet PC was
'hacked' -- I presume, it was 'them', back-
ing-out that which I'd Disclosed to them
as being Visible.

['they' have to respond 'quickly' be-cause
'they' are "afraid" that, if 'they' don't, I'll
be able to show other in-the-flesh folks
what 'they' do.]

And what's Maximally-Sorrowful is that
all I'm doing is =Loving= folks.

I =Never= do anything other than that.

No "Illeagle" stuff.

And, yet, I'm =constantly= Harrassed as
if I'm some "Criminal".

'they' are "Inverted" [AoK, Ap4] with 're-
spect' to Love.

So, as Gently as I can, I Work to Teach
'them', too.

k. p. collins 

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