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| [...]

| Whatever else I try, folks just 'move away
| from'.
| So I'm left with few options.
| [...]

I've even thought about offering "blocks"
of the work I've done "for sale" on eBay[tm].

"UnifiedTheory of Central Nervous System
Function, Cognition, Affect, Behavior, 'Consci-
ence', Consciousness"

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale".

"Sub-'nuclear' Theory that Encompasses all
of Physics, including Cosmology".

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

Or, perhaps I should use smaller "blocks".

"Mechanism of Creativity."

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

"Mechanism of Curiosity."

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

"Mechanism of Volition."

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

"Compton Refraction."

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

"Meta-'nuclear' 3-D Energydynamics."

[It's not what you "think", so don't 'guess'.]

"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."


"Veracity Guaranteed."

"For Sale."

You know -- let the 'profit'-seekers see that
they have to "Bid, or go out of Business".

But it wouldn't work -- be-cause, anyone
who knew enough to "Bid", would also
know that that "knowledge" would dis-
close that they "did know" and "did 'nothing'".

Which is exactly 'why' no one will do any-
thing that'll enable the understanding to
come-forward, isn't it?


Everyone 'thinking' that they have to 'save
their own butt'.

[That is, everyone is allowing their 'choice
to be Dictated by 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization :-]

Despite my discussions of how and why
the Need for Forgiveness is built-right-into
the way nervous systems process information.

I've seen this all along, and I saw that I
had to =not= allow folks to "stumble-into"

If I allowed that, that'd be all there was.

The True-Worth of the understanding
would be lost amidst the 'scandal'.

It's the "Catch-22" under which I must

And it's 'funny', whenever I've 'jumped-
up-and-down', with respect to this or
that, it was most-often be-cause I was
'desperately' trying to "beat" this Catch-22's
becoming established -- be-cause I could
see it all coming -- knew that folks could
not, yet, see the Consequences inherent,
and that, if nothing "broke-through", when
folks did come to understand the Conseq-
uences inherent, they'd feel "stuck", as above.


And 'just' as Insane as in the Book.

That 'point' was crossed 'years' ago, and
I've been trying to "slog-it-out" ever since,
knowing that I was "Doomed" :-]

It's why it's becoming more and more
'funny' to me.

Like some slap-stick-comedy movie where
I can see all the nonsense playing-into the
hilarity of  this or that subsequent scene.

But the 'creepy-crawler' stuff -- like my
phone answering machine always "clicking"
when I launch "Windows Explorer" [even
when my external modem is turned off], is
more-Sinister. Kind of Violates everything.

So I "mark" it, even though doing so only
results in a bigger "squish" -- because, not
doing so would be Cowardice, and I've
none of that in-me.

But the thing that 'Hurts' the most is knowing
that folks've 'got to' establish 'excuses' with
respect to their not ever allowing me to just
meet with them in-person.

So I'm able to See that there's all manner of
Falseness circulating with 'respect' to my

It's been =Brutal=.

Some 'cover-uppers' have been "working-over-
'time', in the background of my 'life'.

And I've just got to "slog-it-out", anyway.

Standing in the midst of 'everyone's "disbelief".

Dodging the 'profit'-seekers.

And whoever it is who 'thinks' that they can
just do anything to 'me' that they want to do -- 
"because they can".

And, in the midst of all of this, I've still
got to bring-the-Science-forward.

Via this machine-intervening 'way' :-]

Thank You, God, for 'Hard'-Way my Dad
Loved, and my Infinitely-Patient, Loving-Justice

If I do bring the understanding forward, it'll
be due to Your Wisdom in giving-me to them,
'cause they Taught me Well.

Love, ken [k. p. collins]

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