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| But the thing that 'Hurts' the most is knowing
| that folks've 'got to' establish 'excuses' with
| respect to their not ever allowing me to just
| meet with them in-person.
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Why do folks think I keep asking them to
allow me to meet with them, in-person?

It's because it's Obvious to me that folks
'think' I'm some "freak".

Why I'm writing this is that I just saw an
=Excellent= show on ABC TV -- about folks
who dragged themselves up from "hard"
stuff, to succeed despite all that.

One of the segments was about Temple
Grandin [sp?], who has been diagnosed as
'being autistic', but is gifted with respect to
understanding animals.

And I "groaned", because I understand that
folks 'see' me in an analogous way.

So I'll try, again, to explain why it is that
I see farther than others.

I'm =just= a 'normal' guy, but, when I
was very-Young, my Life was Intense,
because my Dad was struggling to make
ends meet.

I Loved him, and enjoyed being with him
in his cellar workshop, but I couldn't
disturb his work [because, I figured-out
much-later, what he was actually working-
on was all the B. S. he had to endure in
his exceedingly-Hard Life].

So, wanting to see what he was building,
when the pieces of his projects were spread
all about, I'd put-them-together in my mind.

And I did this so much, I just got good at
doing it, so, when I went to school, I saw
that the way Maths was taught, and done,
was a waste relative to what I already knew
how to do.

I learned to "hide" it, because it 'pissed-off'
my Teachers.

But, as I matured, I saw that there were
some Problems that needed Solving.

So I Solved them.

But I can't "hide" the Solutions.

And neither can 'you'.

Observer: "Ken, there you go again, not
understanding that you're being offensive."

I understand, and Regret, that I'm being
'offensive', and that there's no way around

Truth is, I can't get a paper Published be-
cause I've worked "outside of the system",
and folks're Ravaging one another, all
around the world, because I've not been
able to get a paper Published.

I =Hate= "offending" folks, but I can't
'stand-by' allowing trivialities to "sanction"
other folks' being-Ravaged.

The relatively-greater "Offense" is Ob-
vious, and the former does not, in any
way, "justify" the latter.

So, please meet with me, in-person, so
that 'you' can see that I'm 'normal', and,
together, we can get on with doing what
needs to be done.

If you want, I'll teach 'you', and ='you'=
can Publish the paper that needs to be

Then just give me a job reference, and
I'll just-Live, knowing that what needed
to be done was, in fact, =done=.

As things stand, there's the appearance
that folks're deliberately wanting their
Fellow Human Beings to be Ravaged.

That's Murder.

Does standing-against such make me a

'because' I stand-against such, no one
can meet with me, in-person?

k. p. collins 

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