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| The "milky-water" is really pretty-interesting
| stuff. It's "milky" because the tiny bubbles
| are relatively-evenly-distributed in the hot-
| water, and, depending upon the angle at
| which the glass is held when the hot-water
| is being dispensed into it, there'll also be
| very-distinct "spiral"-patterns in which
| there is a relative-absence of bubbles [the
| "spirals" form as 'clear' regions in the glass
| of hot-water].

I've already discussed all of this, with respect
to my Resolution of the Navier-Stokes CMI
Problem, but, be-cause the air bubbles 're-
spond' so robustly to pressure-variations, dis-
closing underpinning pressure-gradients as
they do so, the "spirals" noted in my prior dis-
cussion [quoted above] constitute a powerful
means of literally seeing pressure-gradients
within Turbulence, which allows one to literally
see the 3-D E that are what underpins, and
instantiates "Turbulence".

[Aside: The same-stuff would be observable in
wind tunnels if the stuff comprising the "smoke"
that is used to impart "stream-lines" during wind-
tunnel trials was pressure-sensitive, like air
bubbles are. The problem, here is ["of course"]
that, in wind-tunnel trials, it's important to not
alter the aerodynamic form that's being in-
vestigated, which is what would happen if it
were to become coated with bursted-bubble
stuff -- but I can see that there'd definitely be
worth in doing low-speed wind-tunnel trials
using "bubbles" of some appropriately-eng-
ineered type. [At low-speeds, even regualar
ballons, uniformely-'half'-inflated, would do.]
Capture the 'continuous' stream imagery and
analyze stuff like frame-to-frame bubble-size
and bubble-shape variations, and the 3-D E-
instantiated 'pressure'-variations will fall-right-
out. Then, armed with the 3-D E data garnered
from low-velocity trials, look for ways to see
the same-stuff at ever-increasing velocities.
[Small pressure-sensitive spheres? Tiny "Sup-
er Balls" :-]

What've been termed "shock waves" will be
seen to be nonlinearly-graded, =overall= 3-D E
=transitions=, which can be tuned by varying
aerodynamic stuff. And this "tuning" will, itself,
be a 3-D E within the nervous systems of the
Engineers who do it :-]

But I just wanted to give folks the ability to
see that "Turbulence" is 'just' 3-D E that can
be "read" directly if pressure variations are
rendered visible -- as they were in my "Holsten
Pisner" glass, which is the vessel I prefer to
use in such "experiments" -- because it's =really=
thin, and, so, minimizes refraction. I also like
it 'cause it's so crystal-clear, but, mostly, be-
cause it's a Memento from an Excellent exper-
ience I had as a Midshipman visiting Germany
on my Youngster [Sophomore] Cruise. I was
assigned to "Guard Duty", which consisted of
sitting on the baggage in the Baggage Compart-
ment :-] But there was a Football [Soccer]
game that had been scheduled, and it turned-
out that not enough members of The Naval
Academy Plebe [Freshman] Soccer Team
were on this particular training-cruise -- so
volunteers were asked for, and, since I'd
played Soccer intramurally, I was made a
'member' of the visiting team and the "baggage"
took care of itself 'til after the game  :-]

We lost the game [of course], but the German
Team invited us back to their Club, and treated
us to =Splendid= Hospitality. I recall drinking
Schnops out of a life-sized glass "boot" :-]

Came back to guard the baggage really-
schnockered -- precious Memento, the
"Holsten Pilsner" Glass, in-hand.

And, the other night, there it was, repaying
my having cared-for its fragile-memory-stuff,
all the intervening 'years', by 'showing' me the
'pressure'-gradients that spiralled within it.


Life is Beautiful.

The 'pressure'-gradoients are 'just' energy-

| The water remains "cloudy" only-briefly,
| because the bubbles rise out of it, [...]

This "rising-of-the-bubbles" is another way
to "weigh" the UES-flow that is WDB2T.

k. p. collins 

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