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| [...]


I enjoyed my "stoll down Memory Lane" so
much that I forgot to make the main point.

| The 'pressure'-[gradients] are 'just' energy-
| gradients.
| [...]

The ionic conductances within the neural
Topology -- same-old, same-old -- except
that, within the neural Topology, what's
analogous to the "spirals" in the glass of
'milky'-bubble-hot-water aremyriad =pre-
cisely= and =actively= tuned energy-grad-
ients comprised of the combined "Coulomb
forces" that are 'centered' upon individual

My long-standing working-hypothesis is
that this's the 3-D E "tweezers" through
which experience is coupled to "the genome",
and the rest of the Molecular Biology -- how
and why molecular dynamics are =actively=
tuned with respect to experience.

So it's all 'just' Neuroscience.

As is everything else I do here in b.n.

[Including this: When I "connected" to post
the preceding msg [linked-to above], a
"dialog box" that I've never seen before
flashed-up-and-went-away, and I was
"connected" a 2nd 'time'. Both "connections"
sat in my OS's "Taskbar" while I was
posting the msg, and both(?) dropped(?)
when I "disconnected" -- machine-interven-
ing-3-D E that allows me to 'see'-into far-
away 'hearts' [TD E/I-minimization within
nervous systems]].

[To Innocents: Don't be 'troubled'. It's
just that I'm newly-"Free", so I can do
some stuff that remains needing-doing.

Nothing-more to "lose", so I can not-
'worry' about "losing" anything, and just
work on behalf of the General-Good.

It's my Preferred 'satte'-of-Being.

Which reminds me -- observed something
else that's Interesting, earlier today. I
can "meter" my "hunger" by how cold
my hands are.

At first, this seems like an "of course", be-
cause, after all, "metabolism" is what heats
the body.

But the way that my temperature-"sense"
is so-obviously rigorously-coupled to
my body's metabolic dynamics just
"Flashed!" within me as an Awe-filled
insight into the depth to which the 3-D E
are Integrated within my body.

My temperature-"sense" 'knows' it's
'place' with respect to "metabolism".

Get it?

It's =all= thoroughly-Integrated -- which
is what "3-D E" are.

Do you see why it's Important?

It's another Complete-Verification that
"the genome" =HAS TO BE= 3-D E-
ordered -- that the 3-D E-order has to
extend itno, and be functionally-actualized,
=within= "the genome".

Which means that supposed 'gene'-Tinker-
Toy[tm] "interchangability" is =Fiction=,
and that =all= "gene therapy" =must=, itself,
be 3-D E-ordered.

This isn't a "show-stopper", just Learn to
work in 3-D E.

You know?

There was a "blood-clotting"-relevant Report
in my local Newspaper yesterday -- a new

Such medicinal-'coctails' are "stabs-in-the-dark
'3-d e'.

What I'm saying is, First, do the work inherent
in =Seeing= the 3-D E, and do 3-D E, =Know-
ingly=. Instead of 'poking'-around in-there like
'alchemists' who believe they can, 'magically',
'turn lead into gold' :-]

The 3-D E are a =language= of Integration.

Learn to "read" and "converse" in-it if one
wants to operate-upon "Integration".

I've not said it well-enough [it's a Flood :-]

Work on it in your own Good noggin' labs.

BTW, the "temp-sense"<->"hunger" stuff
is just because it's a Friday during Lent, and
I'm fasting. Not because I've nothing to eat.
That's still about six-'months' away [longer if
I Economize], and, it's 'funny', I'm "numb" to
the prospect. Thought I'd be "desperate",
but I'm not -- probably because I'm looking-
forward to Spring -- or, maybe it's because
I applied for a job at a local car-wash and
haven't heard back from them yet. I thought
they were "interested" in hiring me, and have
been looking forward to posting a msg titled
"Workin' at the Car Wash", and that "frame-of
-mind still-lingers, or maybe it's just that the
TD E/I I'm "carrying" is lifting-up my work
pretty-good :-]

Whatever, I'm at-Peace here in my "sardine-
can". So, although I'm doing some 'Difficult'
stuff, be at-Peace, too.

The 'Difficult' stuff is 'just' Truth's Coming.

You know -- "what can be" is different from
"what is", and the "difference" is 'just' TD E/I-
3-D E.]

k. p. collins

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