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| The ionic conductances within the neural
| Topology -- same-old, same-old -- except
| that, within the neural Topology, what's
| analogous to the "spirals" in the glass of
| 'milky'-bubble-hot-water aremyriad =pre-
| cisely= and =actively= tuned energy-grad-
| ients comprised of the combined "Coulomb
| forces" that are 'centered' upon individual
| ions.
| My long-standing working-hypothesis is
| that this's the 3-D E "tweezers" through
| which experience is coupled to "the genome",
| and the rest of the Molecular Biology -- how
| and why molecular dynamics are =actively=
| tuned with respect to experience.
| [...]

To folks who think "Coulomb forces" can't
possibly act that way:

You're not integrating neurons' Topologies.

Their Topologies focus what are literally
microscopic "Coulomb-force storms", in
which interference happens as usual, but
in a way that's strongly-geometrically-foc-
used, and I expect that future experiment
will verify that stuff like the Geometry of
cell bodies, the location of cellular nuclei
within that Geometry, and, as I've discuss-
ed in prior posts, all facets of the endoplas-
mic reticulum, which exists as a 'spherical
receiving-antenna' surrounding nuclei, and
which is optimally, continually, tuned by the
ionic conductances that actually occur 'with-
in' the neuronal Geometry, etc., are all cor-
related to the actions of "Coulomb forces"
manifested as a direct result of ionic cond-

That is, the "pyramidal" shape of pyramidal
cell bodies is(?) correlated to the way that
neuronal cell type's ionic conductances tune
"the genome" with respect to pyramical-cell

In other words, such cell-structure features
are not just structural "whimsy", but directly
reflect necessarily-specific tuning of "the ge-
nome" via the "Coulomb forces" that arise
as a result of ionic conductances, in a way
that directly-reflects [further :-] the cell-type's

In still-other words, the ionic conductances
are not analogous to "the burning of a fuse"
that "only reflects the fact that a signal is oc-
curing 'within' a neuron", but function as a
way that's actively-coupled to "the genome",
entering into its tuning with respect to exper-

Understanding that it'd be 'offensive' to folks'
sensibilities, I've tried to broach this stuff Gently,
so as to encourage folks, who can do so, to
look, experimentally, at the dynamics that I've
been discussing.

These things are an ideal target for "slice"
investigations because it doesn't matter that
the "slice" is "disconnected" from the rest of
the neural Topology -- because, when one
investigates the stuff I've reiterated above,
one is not trying to explain externally-rele-
vant "information-content", all one is looking
for are cellular morphologies that alter in ways
that are correlated to the activation that neur-
ons in the "slice" experience.

I admit that this's an "endurance-test" for both
the "slice" and the Experimenter. [How long
can a "slice" be maintained in a functional
'state'?] But there're things of =Huge= Signifi-
cance, waiting to be Discovered in these dyn-

So I encourage Experimenters to develop the
means to look.

If I were to do it, after selecting an optimally-
'replicable' type of "slice", I'd begin with a
stimulating array that could be placed stereo-
typically, regardless of "slice", and subject
the "slice" to repetitive stereotypical activa-
tion, analyzing the "results"(?) by standard
fractionation methods, and comparing with
non-stimulated fractionated stuff from the
same types of "slice".

If any are discovered, differential fractiona-
tions will disclose the actions of the activa-
tion -- which points directly to differential-
tuning of "the genome", and Proves that
"the genome" is Coupled to experience.

Other means [that I understand will leave
folks "blurry-eyed [but Heroically] are
all manner of light-microscope pre- and
post-stimulation morphology searches [as
I've discussed before, with respect to the
Geometry of the ER].

I presume it'd be best to start with young
[relatively-inexperienced] "slices".

You know?

Neurons grow.

Their growth is "biological mass", and if
"biological mass" is to be functional, neur-
onal growth =cannot= occur "willy-nilly".

It can =only= occur in ways that Couple
the growth within the global-system neural
Topology while Preserving overall Direc-
tionality within the global-system neural

The "can-only"-ness is as a Promise that
your experimental efforts =Must= bear
really-Significant "Fruits".

And, from 'the back of your class', I'll
Cheer-for-You when you go to Stock-
holm :-]

And say to myself, "HURRAH!!!+++***"
[Like the "Coach" in =Chariots of Fire= :-]

k. p. collins 

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