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| [...]

| In still-other words, the ionic conductances
| are not analogous to "the burning of a fuse"
| that "only reflects the fact that a signal is oc-
| curing 'within' a neuron", but function as a
| way that's actively-coupled to "the genome",
| entering into its tuning with respect to exper-
| ience.
| [...]

That is [still-further :-] it's this "interplay" be-
tween "signalling" and the ionic conductances,
which instantiate the "signalling", that literally
embodies what I refer to as the "climbing" of
WDB2T -- and it's analogous to the way that
a rock climber can "shimmy" up within a crav-
ase with one foot on each face, or back on
one face and feet on the other.

That is [still further] the "action potential"
is =not= only an instantiation of "signalling".

"Signalling" instantiates [embodies] tuning
of "the genome" with respect to experience
[with respect to the activation that actually
occurs 'within' a neuron].

"Signalling" exists be-cause "the genome"
needs to be tuned with respect to exper-

It's another "duality" that's 'part of' the
"duality" that's referenced in NDT's name.

I realized, just tonight, that this makes sense
in another way -- animal Life began in the
oceans, where minerals Na, Cl, Ca, etc. exist
abundantly in ionic form, and in which currents
set collections of such ions =in-motion= with
respect to other molecules, literally, if crudely,
"simulating" the ionic conductances that're
so important in animal Life.

So, I expect that, when the dust settles, it
will have been Demonstrated that, rather
than being "accidental" stuff that's of "lesser-
importance", the ionic conductances will
have "floated to the top" in the hierarchy of

Even relative to "signalling".

Signalling's embodiment of ionic conductances
'replicates' the conditions of the primordial-
beginning, and those "conditions" instantiate

Get it?

Ionic conductances within water are a good
way to instantiate 3-D E, and 3-D E are a
good way to instantiate, integrate, maintain,
and augment-order-within "structure" that
"replicates" itself.

So the ionic conductances are still as important
to the structuring-of-Life as were the oceans(?)

I mean they're not "superfluous-means-imple-
mentations", as has been presumed, but are
stuff of first-importance, still.

[The rest of this post is a just-talking-to-myself

Wish I knew more about the cellular function-
alities of organs outside of the nervous system -- 
besides Knowing that they all function in ways
that "climb" WDB2T toward max-order.

What I mean is that I know 'nothing' about ion-
ic conductances outside of the nervous system.

But the body is "70% water" [the 'simulated'
"ocean"] and there're surely ions-galore through-
out this "water".

What I don't know of are conductances that're
analogous to the ionic conductances of neurons
and neuralglia.

But, then, relative to neurons, other cell types
are relatively-growth-static [beyond continual
replacement], so they'd not need growth, that's
coupled to experience as robustly as is the case
in neurons(?) But, collectively, muscle cells do
exactly that -- grow in acord with experience
[in accord with "exercise"]. Perhaps replacement
occurs on a ionic-concentration 'signal', though -- 
that signals when the stuff of a cell outside the nerv-
ous system has "used-up" it's ability to do 3-D E -- 
like a "clogged filter" that needs to be replaced.

Another thing that needs to be Explored.

Observer: "Ken, why don't you read your mol-
ecular biology text?

I will. I just always like to think about what I'll
be looking-for =before= I study "what is", and,
more and more in my posts, I'm working to
Teach folks about the need to do that, and
how to do it. "Making myself small" [because
admitting absence-of-understanding invites
"condemnation" -- which is why absence-of-
understanding is so needlessly-Persistent. So
I just "get-small" so I can do what needs to
be done. I don't like being 'alone'. I don't like
being impoverished. I do like doing what
needs to be done, and "one has not time
enough to spend half one's life in quarrels",
so I accept the 'aloneness' and the impoverish-
ment to avoid the Waste of "inward spiralling"
interactive dynamics [AoK, Ap8]. I mean no
offense. I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

[Folks "resent" my Being-Free in this way.]

Admitting absence-of-understanding, instead
of 'pretending', is the first step in 'moving toward'

When I've gone-on about "the prevailing absence-
of-understanding", I was always taking a stand
against "Condemnation" of absence-of-under-
standing in the sense that the thing to do with ab-
sence-of-understanding is to "fix" it, rather than to
Perpetuate it because "fixing" it is just =always=
'messy' ["rendering useless", AoK, Ap8]. What's
actually Messy, and breeds Messiness, is absence-
of-understand-ing that Perpetuates itself. "Mis-
takes" -- same-old, same-old.

I'm Teaching, here, by posting this right-in-the-
light-of-day, instead of 'burying' it, and 'pretend-

"Getting-small", so that others can get-un-'small'.

I do this routinely. Nobody ever realizes I'm
Teaching them.

Lots of folks 'think' I'm "stupid" because I "get-

But all I'm doing is Teaching folks how to get-un-

Get-small, enough, and one can't get-smaller.

And, then, one is Free to do what needs to be

And, if one does what needs to be done, one
can't get-smaller than that.]

k. p. collins 

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