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| That is [still-further :-] it's this "interplay" be-
| tween "signalling" and the ionic conductances,
| which instantiate the "signalling", that literally
| embodies what I refer to as the "climbing" of
| WDB2T -- and it's analogous to the way that
| a rock climber can "shimmy" up within a crav-
| ase with one foot on each face, or back on
| one face and feet on the other.
| [...]

There's no "bottom" that is "stood-upon".

The 'platform' that's 'stood-upon' is created
as a function of the operation of the mechanism.

It's kind of like "pulling one's self up by the
straps of one's boots" -- "boot-strapping" -- 
"booting" -- but extremely-very-much-more
because it's self-organizing be-cause, in and of
itself, it "knows" how to "climb" WDB2T,
which is actually what it "stands-upon".

k. p. collins 

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