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| [...]

| I was
| assigned to "Guard Duty", which consisted of
| sitting on the baggage in the Baggage Compart-
| ment :-] But there was a Football [Soccer]
| game that had been scheduled, and it turned-
| out that not enough members of The Naval
| Academy Plebe [Freshman] Soccer Team
| were on this particular training-cruise -- so
| volunteers were asked for, and, since I'd
| played Soccer intramurally, I was made a
| 'member' of the visiting team and the "baggage"
| took care of itself 'til after the game  :-]

Deep in "memory" stuff, I didn't make it
clear. Although my "Guard Duty" was a
"make-work" assignment, with the goal
being to just generically-Train a Midship-
men with respect to Formal, routine Military
Duty, I Releshed it, even as I smiled at
where my Name had landed on the Duty

I would not relinquish my "Post" until my
orders had been changed by a Represent-
ative of the Officer in Charge, and the only
other way I could've not carried out my
"Duty" would've been if I was Dead on the
floor of that baggage room [you know -- 
same thing that's happening with respect to
my Duty with respect to Science].

The Duty-roster was changed, and I
did my best to carry-out my changed
Duty at the game, at the Club, and at
the "glass boot" :-]

[Happy 126th 'Birthday!', Dr. Einstein.]

K. P. Collins

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