On my writing 'style' [was Re: Dynamic Synapses and Synaptic Strength]

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| >I really don't write "stupidly".
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| >Just "3-D-ly :-]
| Thanks for the "clarification", Ken. :-)
| Francis

I was hoping you were still around.

I am Grateful to =you=, Francis, be-
cause your querying-post got me
Thinking, in general, about the way
I've been writing.

It's 'funny'. I've addressed the same
topic a number of times before, but
I never saw deeply enough into what
actually needed to be explained.

And I thought about why that is, too,
and concluded that it was your Gentle-
ness in your OP that opened-the-door
to my being able to "confess" what I
do in my writing.

And I had to smile.

In the past, folks've come-on really-
ad hominem-critical when they've
asked about it, and it seems my spirit
just "rebelled", 'refusing' to tell them
about the "3-D"-ness. [But maybe
that was just because the "3-D"-ness
is explained at the beginning of AoK,
Ap5 [not using the term, "3-D-ness"],
and I was, then, taking a stand with
respect to online "criticisms" with re-
spect to stuff that's explained in AoK,
in the hope of "encouraging" folks to
read AoK before they "criticize".]

I do recall, while reading your OP,
being "bowled-over" by it's Gentle-

It was "balm" to my Spirit, and Welcome.

And I'm Glad you replied, because
I wanted to tell you that, and I wanted
to Thank You, directly.

Cheers, Francis, ken [k. p. collins]

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