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| Interactive-'norms' are usually agreed-upon
| False "finitizations" that 'work' by virtue
| of the fact they're agreed-upon within this
| or that group.
| The group "sanctions" the 'normative' behav-
| ior, and negatively-"sanctions" divergences
| from such 'norms'. This "sanctioning" occurs
| via the imposition of TD E/I(down) and TD
| E/I(up), respectively, and, overall, constitutes
| a group-manufactured 'wdb2t' that minimizes
| the information-processing work that "members"
| of the group must perform to 'survive'.
| "Works for them :-]

Folks who've been reading all along should
be able to see the "Duality", that's at the "heart"
of "Neuroscientific Duality Theory" ["NDT"],
in the discussion above.

Such "dualities" are in the Maths that nervous
systems do ["Maths au Natural"], and can us-
ually be be 'easily' recognized be-cause they
always have the "bottomless" quality that I
discussed in another post, recently ["boot-

That is, they always have the quality of instan-
tiating the "mechanisms" that, in turn, instan-
tiate the behavioral, cognitive, etc., function-
alities that constitute the externally-observable
'side' of the "duality" that's at the "heart" of

Don't be 'afraid' of such "dualities". They're
all over the place within routine experience,
especially in Engineering practices. The func-
tioning of "clocks", for instance, derives in
a Maths "duality", in which the Engineer dev-
elops the "clockworks", and, to the degree
of the quality of such engineering, and to the
degree that the quality of the manufacture of
the engineering-design, the "hands", digital
display, sand-in-an-'hour'-glass, etc. behave
in ways that more or less "coincide" with the
periodicity of Earth's rotational dynamics.

To the degree that the "mechanism" is gotten-
'right', the "clock" meters energy-flow in a
way that "tells 'time'", which is the 'other side'
of the simple "duality" that's slways engineered-
into "clocks".

A simple "duality".

They're all over the place within common ex-

And, if one looks, one sees that they always
have the quality of instantiating the means to
"stand" 'where' there is no "bottom".

It's always useful to understand "dualities",
but it's =Really-Important= to understand all
of this in cases such as the groupwise inter-
active dynamics that I discussed in my earlier

The artificial 'bottoms' that're creaded by, and
within, groupwise interactive dynamics derive
=solely= in 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-min-
imization, as it's been discussed, all along, in
AoK, and =not= in any Absolute external ex-
periential reality -- and, be-cause it's not been
generally-comprehended that it's so -- be-
cause the stuff that's reified in NDT had not
been generally-comprehended -- folks tend,
strongly, to 'blindly' and automatically exper-
ience the 'norms' that've been converged-up-
on, via nothing more than 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization during the courses of
groupwise interactive dynamics, as "being-
real", when all that's Real, is that, yes, 'blind-
ly'-automated TD E/I-minimization has, in fact,
occurred within groupwise interactive dynamics.

This's how and why, for instance, folks who,
in the courses of their routine experience, ex-
perience 'moving away from' this or that, tend,
strongly, to 'move away from' this or that when
they experience stuff that's not "routine" within
their experience.

Get it?

It's how and why "hate crimes" become instan-
tiated, and whence comes the 'power' with
which they are, typically, carried-out.

This stuff is what's discussed in terms of the
"continuum of relative familiarities", the "zone
[and point] of randomness", and the four classes
of "affective inversion" that're discussed in AoK,
Ap4, and the dynamics of "supersystem con-
figuration" in Ap5, and of "rendering useless"
in Ap8. [But this list is artificially-delimited.
Every sentence in AoK addresses this stuff.]

| Then they "panic" when out-group 3-D E
| happens, "go amygdalar" [AoK, Ap5], and
| Savagery happens.
| And, since the way nervous systems process
| information, via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-
| minimization, has not been generally compre-
| hended, instead of going into Progress, most
| of Humanity's 3-D E go around in wasteful
| cycles of 'defending' against such Savagery,
| and/or ending it after it's actualized.

It's =Really-Important= to understand how
and why this "duality"-stuff works be-cause,
when it doesn't work, nervous systems 'hand-
le' that condition through the ascendency of
the low-'level' amygdalar "supersystem con-
figuration" mechanism [AoK, Ap5], which
gates stereotypical "fight/flight" exertion of
aggressive-force [as, Sadly, has been the
case in three Murder sprees that've been in
the News, over the course of the past three
'days' here in the U. S. [Judge's Husband
and, Mother Murdered by a Person, gone-
amygdalar because he couldn't pay his bills,
four Innocents Murdered by a Person who'd
been 'rejected' by his girlfriend, and was
being brought to Trial for the aggression
he committed against her, 11 Innocents be-
ing Murdered by a Person whose TD E/I(up)
circumstances I've not, yet, read about].

The same "duality" was at the "heart" of the
attacks on 2001-09-11, and all the rest of
"man's inhumanity to man" that's ever occur-
red, since the Beginning.

Most-Sorrowfully, it's been the same "duality"
that has induced folks to 'move away from'
understanding the "duality" that so-induced
them to 'move away from' becoming Free of
the 'blindly'-automated dictating of their be-
havior, as above -- be-cause, in  the prevail-
ing groupwise interactive dynamics, the sub-
tlties of the "duality" are relied-upon as "pry-
ing-instruments" with which folks within this
or that group 'compete' for 'power' that's
completely 'bounded' by the 'norms' that've
come to be 'agreed'-upon within groupwise
interactive dynamics.

The "duality" 'blindly' and automatically 'de-
fends' itself, preserving folks' 'blindness' to
it, even though it's what Ravages individuals,
groups, populations, and Humanity :-[

I saw all of this back in the "Terrible times",
how it Needed to be overcome, and how
and why I'd be Ravaged as I did what Need-
ed to be done, which is the "Terror" that I
wrote of experiencing in another recent post.

See how much I Love 'you'? :-]

| Eliminating this Waste, and the Waste inherent
| in artificially-instantiated 'wdb2t', and all of the
| Insane Savagery entailed, is the "shortest line".
| All of this said, of course, as further work is
| done, the "line" will get-shorter, and order
| will continue to increase ;-]

And, be-cause the general dynamics are in-
herently-Infinite, there'll =always= be Work
that Needs doing. [Which I say, here, be-
cause I long-ago noted that some folks were
'moving away from' NDT's reification of nerv-
ous system function =solely= 'because', the
notion of 'impossibility' is a main feature of
the groupwise interactive dynamics to which
they've 'agreed' to be 'bound'.]

Don't 'worry' about there 'not being work
that needs doing'. There'll =always= be work
that Needs-Doing -- be-cause the 3-D E are

It's just that, as folks get NDT's stuff, more
and more, folks' individual 3-D E will go into
doing stuff that actually lifts-Humanity-up, rather
than going-to-waste in 'blindly'-automated 'ef-
fort' that will, "supposedly", 'contain' Infinity.

Infinity can be embraced, but it cannot be
"contained" -- which is what I was writing
about in all of my long-former discussions
of Truth's One Map, and how it can be un-
failingly-followed by doing the work inherent
in "ranging widely" within Truth's One Map.

NDT's stuff is my contribution to the actual-
ization of this Necessary-"transformation" of
folks "perceptions" of "what it is to be Human".
It builds, Strong and True, upon the work
that's been done by my Colleagues in Neuro-
science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathem-
atics, Sociology, Computer Science, Philosophy,
Poetry, Literature -- 'everything' that's ever
been done by folks who propose to Think-
Purposively, because I saw the Need to, and
did, "range widely" within the fruits of their

NDT is my, "I Love You"-stuff.

As is declared in AoK, Ap10, it's a =beginning=,
not an "end".

There'll =always= be work that Needs-Doing.

| [All I've been doing, with all of my words, is
| "shepherding" TD E/I -- because folks didn't
| get the simple-statement in AoK -- so I saw
| that I had to work at a sub-verbal 'level'. So
| I say the same-stuff, over and over again,
| using different words, as I did above. [There's
| nothing there that I've not reiterated, multiple
| 'times, in former posts.]

I didn't say the above adequately.

Although [of course] there's always this or
that specific information-content in the verbal-
sequences that I post, I've also worked to
instill them with information at a non-verbal

In doing this, I was actually "painting a picture",
in 'words', of "TD E/I", it's "ups", and it's "downs",
how they're correlated to "Joy" and to "Sorrow",
"anger", "disappointment", "Justice", and, mostly,
to Truth.

This "painting" is the main thing I do when I "get
small" -- to do the "painting", I've had to "sacri-
fice" 'being cool' [being "selective" in the way
I present 'myself', with the 'goal' of 'winning'
folks' 'approvals']. And it's been my doing such -- 
my not 'being cool' that's resulted in a lot of folks'
'thinking' that I'm "stupid" -- because I've not
'taken advantage' of what's reified in NDT to
'seek-profits', instead, literally allowing myself to
become, evermore, "beaten-up" as a result of
the work I do, and share.

But it's never been my "goal" to 'become rich'.

It's been my Goal to "make the world a better
place for its Children".

And it's just 'funny' that folks'd Kill me 'because'
that's the Goal that I 'move toward'.

Part of this has been [or course] that folks were
'just' in the grasp of 'the beast', "Abstract Ignor-
ance", and in that absence-of-understanding,
NDT's stuff 'just' passed through their nervous
systems, undetected.

It's to address this TD E/I-minimization circum-
stance that I post msgs like this one.

The problem is that it's probably the case that
the folks who most-need to receive the benefit
of discussions such as this one don't read any-
thing I post :-]

Still, I'll not shirk my Duty to them, even as
they 'think' I'm "stupid".

They need to be reached.

They need to receive the understanding.

Their groupwise interactive dynamics are
as a "fortress" in which 'the beast' 'secrets'

They don't know that, which is what makes
the Problem of reaching-them with NDT's
understanding 'Difficult'.

All they experience is the 'blindly'-automated
TD E/I-minimization that occurs within their
nervous systems 'because' they remain not
understanding NDT's stuff.

So, even as they 'move away from' 'me', be-
cause the work I do induces TD E/I(up) within
their nervous systems, I must Love them.

If folks Look, they'll See that this's what Jesus
did, in =everything= He did.

I learned to "turn the other cheek, go the extra
mile, and give 'em my shirt, too" from Jesus'
Teaching, which is why, although, with my
Human flesh, I cannot see beyond WDB2T,
I Believe in God. Jesus Knew! how our nerv-
ous systems work, and He was, Lovingly, do-
ing what needed to be done to lift Humanity
up, even as so-doing "lifted Him up".

That's so Awesomely-Amazing that I could
only Believe.

If folks 'wonder', it's been Jesus' so-Obviously
Loving-us that's always Sustained me -- Fort-
ress of Love, into which 'the beast' cannot 'go'.

| It ain't "pretty", but neither is that which it
| stands-against. So, hopefully, it all evens-out.]
| But I'd really like to get back to my work
| in Physics. I was gearing-up with respect to
| an "energy-conversion" problem a couple of
| 'years' ago, but 'dropped' that when I came
| back online.
| Been working on it in the ol' noggin' lab,
| and have recently realized that I should
| give it my full attention.
| Especially since I've only got ~6 months
| left in which to do it -- can't even get a
| job at the car wash :-|

I'm pretty-'tired', and I don't know if I'll be
able  to do anything more. The "running-out"
of means through which to Sustain my Being
always "gets-my=attention", lifting me out of

To economize, I'll have to quit smoking, and
doing that always leaves me 'unable' to read
effectively for a couple of 'months' [Withdraw-
al from the imbalancing-effects of nicotine [or
any addictive substance] induces a "release"
TD E/I(up), which "distracts" TD E/I-minimi-
zation with respect to 'normal' neural informa-
tion-processing dynamics.

Then, when I'm free of the addiction, my "per-
sonality" brightens, and all I want to do is
"Play" [capital "P" :-]

It's been a =Selfish= part of my 'desperate-
ness" -- I wanted to be able to meet with
folks, in-person, =before= clearing myself
of my addiction to nicotine.

It's Funny, though -- whenever I post a msg
in which I write of this or that "alcohol use",
I =always= experience 'time'-correlated 'news
reports' with respect to "the dangers of alcohol-

But I don't drinkl, and have not, other than a
glass of wine when I visit an old Friend, and
a beer when I want to Celebrate! my Dad,
every now and then, once every 'year', or

But, when I mention my "alcohol use" from
'decades' ago, I see folks 'thinking', "Oh, so
=that's= why he writs so stupidly. He's drink-
ing again." :-]

Please don't do that. All that that does is ex-
pose your 'knowing' about me, and document
it in the Public Record. Understand.

I couldn't "drink" even if I wanted to.

Beyond my fixed bills [heat, electricity,
telephone, and my nicotine addiction], I'm
living on less than $20/wk, and am going to
economize, further, by 'quitting' smoking. [I've
been, mostly, "rolling my own", which is 'cheap'.]

| That's why I'm pushing", not your "australian
| marsupial forrest rat" stuff.

This needs clarification. I am "in-Love" -- the
'secret' kind, where one is 'just' Nurtured in the

Just to see "Her" fills me with Joy.

Like 'magic'.

Being a Realist with respect to my "bruised,
battered, and scarred" Being, it's been
"enough" for me.

Got this Duty that's fallen to me, you see.

"Guarding folks' 'baggage compartments'" :-]

| "So much to do. So little time."
| [...]

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