Standing-Wave Genetics [was: Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)]

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Tue Mar 15 06:48:26 EST 2005

Le Tue, 15 Feb 2005 09:13:01 GMT, "kenneth collins"
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>So Researchers alter one thing which
>simultaneously breaks other functionalities
>that're multiplexed within "the genome".
>I've not Verified it, yet, but my view is
>that "the genome" is not like a "book of
>instructions". It's more like a "hologram",
>and it's activation is always unitary, across
>the =whole= "genome". This's the only
>way genetic material can "know" how
>and why to "express" one set of things

I am not qualified in these fields (genomics & neurology/brain
dynamics), not even in the general field of biology, but as far as i
can understand what you explain, i deeply agree. I am not sure "i got
it" all along since it is quite technical and in english: 
1) Do you say that the neural structures can induce forms and states
(*) given a specific environment (a set of stimulis in the general
sense)  in the very same way that the DNA+associated molecular
apparatus can induces proteinic forms or shapes given a specific
environment ? 
2) In the same way that we can encode many images viewable under
specific optical angles within a single hologram ? The information
would be then accessed or processed through an interferential process
in both cases ?
3) How are these ideas considered by specialists or the mainstream
community ?
Jean-François Baure

(*) forms & states refer (in my views) to ideas, thoughts, processes,
memories, and more generally to (performed) mental tasks or mental
states. i am not sure whether these things are linked to clearly
defined neurology/cognition concepts...

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