Standing-Wave Genetics [was: Substances triggering brain tumors (Parkinson)]

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By the way, the "standing-wave genetics"
name was originally coined, long ago,
to connote some other stuff that I was
then discussing -- basically, with respect
to the way that, in early development, the
relatively-undifferentiated cell mass differ-
entiates in a way that's Obviously depend-
ent upon each cell's position in the whole
collection of cells.

I saw that this differentiation had to be
organized in a way that's like "standing
waves" that communicate such position-
al information and activate "the genome"
accordingly, the "standing waves" being,
themselves, altered as the developing
structure altered -- which is another
dynamic 3-D genetic-addressing instance.

The "standing waves", here, could be as
simple as ionic conductances [anything
that communicates relative-position
would do]. Ionic conductances can
encode position because they alter,
in ways that are rigorously-coupled
to topological boundaries, which is
what "standing wave" connotes in this
particular stuff.

I never got around to verifying this pos-
ition, but I'll be surprised if it's not ver-

The alternative would require too many
"throw-away" discrete "signal molecules"
to cover the full range of development [too
great a waste].

k. p. collins

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