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| [...]

| I couldn't find "the diagram", though.
| [It wasn't with respect to "RNA-
| splicing of the so-called non-active
| "introns", and the "lariots". More on
| this stuff below.]
| I must've been working on the "3-D E"
| Problem in my sleep, and dreamt "the
| diagram" -- which is =Hilarious= be-
| cause I 'recall' it so =vividly= -- even
| 'recall' "reading it's caption" :-]
| [...]

I found the diagram earlier today. It's
on p 268, and is a schematic diagram.

So what happened is that I rendered it
in 3-D, including recoloring the 3-D
view -- must've happened during
sleeping consciousness, because there's
no diagram in the text like the 3-D one
I "did".

I do this sort of thing all the 'time', no
matter the problem that I'm working
on, because I routinely integrate the
3-D E.

Anyway, the "Solution" I discussed
yesterday grew, some, today.

I don't know if I'll be able to discuss it fully,
but the "nucleosomes" [histone-octomer +
DNA complexes] constitute a nucleus-
space-'knowing' mechanism. Each "com-
plex" seeks it's unique locus within the
structural order of the chromatin within
the nucleus.

The histone octomers are extremely-special,
extremely-3-D E-capable entities, that're
tuned by the particular DNA "segements"
that wrap-around them [the give-away is
the fact that the DNA wraps =ALMOST=
twice. This "almost-twice"-ness directly
reflects the tuning of the histone octomers'
3-D E-capabilities

This can be Tested by careful compar-
ison of nucleosome-DNA coincidences
within differentiated cell-types. [Seems
like some =Difficult= looking.]

I expect that it'll be found that this stuff
is coded-for in the so-called "introns".

Cell-type-to-cell-type "intron" com-
parison is a valid Test of that part of
what's here [all DNA being taken from
the cells of a =single= organism].

Also, studies of this "intron" stuff post-
manipulations like the eye-on-the-fruit-
fly's-leg stuff will probably be fruitful.
That is, such operations run-into "intron"-

k. p. collins

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