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>>I have recently read Mary Roach's book "Stiff". Here she mentions the
>> experiments of Robert White, who implanted brains of monkeys and dogs
>> into other animals to keep the brains alive, even though they were not
>> connected to their original bodies anymore.
>> See
>> Now, I have three questions on this:
>> 1. What would an isolated brain "feel" under such circumstances? Would
>> it feel the illusion of a body, and/or sensory data? Or would it be in
>> a constant dreaming state?
> Probably more like a drug induced stupor, similar to the way you must go 
> through life. You're reading FICTION, idiot.

Are you saying that Mary Roach's book _Stiff_ is fiction?  It is this book: ... The Library of 
Congress seems to think it is non-fiction:,1&Search_Arg=roach%2C+Mary&Search_Code=NAME_&PID=8910&CNT=25&HC=1 

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