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|| [...]
|| I couldn't find "the diagram", though.
|| [It wasn't with respect to "RNA-
|| splicing of the so-called non-active
|| "introns", and the "lariots". More on
|| this stuff below.]
|| I must've been working on the "3-D E"
|| Problem in my sleep, and dreamt "the
|| diagram" -- which is =Hilarious= be-
|| cause I 'recall' it so =vividly= -- even
|| 'recall' "reading it's caption" :-]
|| [...]
| I found the diagram earlier today. It's
| on p 268, and is a schematic diagram.
| So what happened is that I rendered it
| in 3-D, including recoloring the 3-D
| view -- must've happened during
| sleeping consciousness, because there's
| no diagram in the text like the 3-D one
| I "did".
| I do this sort of thing all the 'time', no
| matter the problem that I'm working
| on, because I routinely integrate the
| 3-D E.

You know? It's what I do -- integrate
the 3-D E. "look elsewhere", within
the experimental data, to literally =See=
the 3-D E, and lift-up Theory so that
Theory contains, and thoroughly-inte-
grates 3-D E.

| Anyway, the "Solution" I discussed
| yesterday grew, some, today.
| I don't know if I'll be able to discuss it fully,
| but the "nucleosomes" [histone-octomer +
| DNA complexes] constitute a nucleus-
| space-'knowing' mechanism. Each "com-
| plex" seeks it's unique locus within the
| structural order of the chromatin within
| the nucleus.
| The histone octomers are extremely-special,
| extremely-3-D E-capable entities, that're
| tuned by the particular DNA "segements"
| that wrap-around them [the give-away is
| the fact that the DNA wraps =ALMOST=
| twice. This "almost-twice"-ness directly
| reflects the tuning of the histone octomers'
| 3-D E-capabilities

Can folks see the 3-D E in the stuff I've
discussed above?

It's as I've discussed be-cause the histone
octomers are extremely-positively-"charged",
which, in the prevailing Mol-Bio view [in
my Mol-Bio text] is seen as being to facili-
tate binding to the negatively-charged DNA

But, see? If it's so, and it's pretty-obvious
that it is, then, be-cause the DNA at each
nucleosome wraps around the nucleosomes
=almost= twice, that leaves, remaining, a
Directed net "charge" distribution that's uni-
quely-rigorously-correlated to each histone-
octomer-wrapped-DNA complex -- which
imbues each such "complex" with the ability
to literally see, and uniquely-respond-to the
3-D E that occur 'within' the cells' nucleus,
and the nucleosomes each 'just' orient uni-
quely within the 'sphere' of the nucleus -- 
which tunes expression with respect to a
differentiated-cell's Type, also playing a
role in the transient 3-D E to which the nuc-
leosomes actively respond by guiding the
DNA "looping" that Determines the con-
stituencies of "spliced" transcription.

Get it?

If I had more 'time' [and could afford to
go to the Library], all of this'd become
increasingly-refined, but I've discussed it,
at this 'level' of reification, in order to
share it with Molecular Biologists who
have the 'time', funding, easy-access to
all the correlated data, Labs, and the Skills
with which to do the experiments that I
outlined in my earlier post, quoted in its
entirety in this follow-up msg.

But all of the stuff I've discussed in these
two posts just "stood-out-in-relief" as I
read in the text because I've Trained my-
self to routinely See, and Integrate, the
3-D Energydynamics.

So, when I read of the histone octomers'
=highly-conserved= "eight-fold way", be-
cause of the work I've done in Physics to
Integrate 3-D E accross physical reality,
I Saw, immediately, that the histone octo-
mers constitute tunable-3-D E-"resonators",
and, when I read of the "charge"-coupling
and the "almost twice"-ness of the DNA-
wrapping in the nucleosomes, I Saw, im-
mediately, how the 3-D E of the nucleo-
somes are uniquely-tuned with respect to
the 3-D E ambient in cells' nuclei.

Get it?

Be-cause Researchers have been 'taught'
to be 'blind' to 3-D E [because as I'm dis-
cussing in the "Tapered Harmony, again"
sub-thread, Physics asserts 'discrete part-
icles' where only continuous 3-D E exists],
folks working in Biology routinely miss-
seeing stuff like I've [briefly] discussed

The Tragedy, inherent, takes my breath
away because the 3-D E can be "read"
as easily as one reads a book.

But, first, one has to See the 3-D E, and
doing so had been "outlawed" by prevailing
Erroneous conceptualization in Physics and

It's a =Tragedy= because what's at stake
is understanding in =Medicine=, upon which
rests -- in which Derives -- the Health of
Humanity [and not only in the one-way -- 
with the costs of 'medicine' accelerating,
'medicine' is =Needlessly= draining Econ-
omies all over the place, leaving fewer re-
sources with which do do other stuff that
needs to be done within Humanity's Pro-

So not-seeing 3-D E is a Tragedy that
courses through Humanity's daily affairs,
negatively-impacting them everywhere.

So I've been working to Teach folks
how to See 3-D E, and why it's Nec-
essary to do so accross the whole spec-
trum of the 3-D E that occur within phys-
ical reality.

The hardest part of that has been with
respect to all of my former discussions
of "TD E/I-minimization" within the "spec-
ial topological homeomorphism" of
nervous systems -- and how and why
it, Needlessly, 'blindly'-automates Pre-
judice within Human interactive dynamics.

Even to the point where folks Kill folks
who, like me, =just= do what needs to
be done to lift folks up in understanding.

And, when folks "get-it", folks 'just'
steal one's work, and 'deny' one's

"Hurts", Big-'time'.

It's the Same-Stuff that folks did, and con-
tinue to do, to Jesus.

Be-cause of the way in which 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization has been
left, 'blindly' and automatically governing
behavior, affect, cognition, consciousness,
etc. [see AoK], which Dictates to folks
that they, 'blindly' and automatically, Rav-
age one another's Beings, rather than use
their Wonderous nervous systems to 'just'
See Truth -- even when the means to See
it are always, right-there, within any Book
that accurately discusses the results of

Tragedy, =all-around=, Dictated by 'the
beast', "Abstract Ignorance".


| This can be Tested by careful compar-
| ison of nucleosome-DNA coincidences
| within differentiated cell-types. [Seems
| like some =Difficult= looking.]
| I expect that it'll be found that this stuff
| is coded-for in the so-called "introns".

This, be-cause nucleosome-mapping
is inherited by daughter cells, of partic-
ular cell-types, within an organism, which
requires a mechanism that actively-Directs
the "placements" of the nucleosomes in the
newly-replicated DNA within its "beads-
on-a-string" histone-octomer-DNA-wrap-
ping 3-D E-tuning dynamics, so that they
are also 'replicated' in daughter cells.

[The "beads on a string" stuff is =not=
just a "level of DNA packing". It's way,
way, way, too-costly to be just-"packing".
It's in-there be-cause it's =actively= doing
necessary 3-D E-correlated work on behalf
of eucaryotic cells.]

| Cell-type-to-cell-type "intron" com-
| parison is a valid Test of that part of
| what's here [all DNA being taken from
| the cells of a =single= organism].
| Also, studies of this "intron" stuff post-
| manipulations like the eye-on-the-fruit-
| fly's-leg stuff will probably be fruitful.
| That is, such operations run-into "intron"-
| flumoxing.

k. p. collins

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