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Folks 'move toward' non-existent
'particles' as a matter of calculation-
al 'convenience' [TD E/I(min) with
respect to what's been handed-down,
Professor to Student, intergeneration-

Folks 'move away from' "Continuity"
because, within strongly-prevailing
Maths methods, folks 'like' to "break
things down" into ever-smaller domains
of calculation, and so much of this has
been coersed upon so manny that
folks've, literally, become 'blind' to

But Continuity is =Easy= to Calcu-
late -- just use =Volume Integrals=
that incorporate energy-densities
for "boundaries".

When energy-density crosses thresholds
that occur as a rigorous-function of
universal-WDB2T, "matter" happens
[continuous-energy undergoes a phase

What's the "big-deal" that "Censures"
folks' being able to see this stuff?

It's as Simple to understand, Calculate,
and work-with, as it is Beautiful.

But folks 'like' their 'discrete particles'.

Just like Ptolemaic Astronomers 'liked'
Earth-'centeredness', and 'liked' to 'see'
"epicycles" in order to 'allow' them to
'see' Earth-'centeredness'.

"Never mind", that so 'seeing' virtually
blocks all Progress in the correlated
Science, both in Ancient 'times', and
in our own 'time'.


And I'm 'the bad guy', because I Love
folks enough to Rescue them from
Falsehood that 'blinds' their Seeing,
and 'chains. their Freedom.

Oh! Woe is me!
That I've bid folks,


[I 'make-light-of-it', only Superficially,
in the hope that my doing so will make
=Light= of it. As it:

Jesus: "My burden is light."

I like to think he was saying "Light",
by which to =See=.

Which is no "burden", at all.

It's 'just'-the-opposite Stuff. [See the
discussion of "inversion" in AoK, Ap4.]]

k. p. collins

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