Q: dendrites/gates

JGCASEY jgkjcasey at yahoo.com.au
Fri Mar 18 18:40:32 EST 2005

N wrote:
> I have two questions, hope you can help;
> Firstly,
> Has anyone any links to graphics or may be able
> to explain how dendrites 'transmit' their
> information/charge?
> Do they have a one way or parallel system?
> are dendrites multifilamentous?
> secondarily;
> How do they connect and disconnect?, does this
> work like a magnet? what force is this called
> in neurochemistry?
> Thanks
> N.

You might find the article in "Scientific America"
February 2005 called "Making Memories Stick" by
R. Douglas Fields, of interest?

Dendrites are the "branches" on the cell that receive
neurotransmitter chemicals from axons of other cells
via a small gap. The effect on the receiving cell may
depend on the past history of that cell.

Electrochemical pulses only move along the axon in
one direction as far as I know.


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