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PROLOGUE to this post:

I'm going to continue my prior dis-
cussion, retaining the entire context
that was in the msg to which I'll add,

I want to do this, although context
that was given in other stuff I've post-
ed [going back for ~17 'years' [~35
years, if offline-communications are
included]] is Necessary [it all =should=
be available to folks, but isn't, not even
through Google[tm] with respect to the
online stuff], so that, at least the "sub-
topic" that's being discussed in the con-
text of this repeatedly-updated post
will be preserved -- so that it'll be of
use to folks who want to refer to it

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||| [...]
||| I couldn't find "the diagram", though.
||| [It wasn't with respect to "RNA-
||| splicing of the so-called non-active
||| "introns", and the "lariots". More on
||| this stuff below.]
||| I must've been working on the "3-D E"
||| Problem in my sleep, and dreamt "the
||| diagram" -- which is =Hilarious= be-
||| cause I 'recall' it so =vividly= -- even
||| 'recall' "reading it's caption" :-]
||| [...]
|| I found the diagram earlier today. It's
|| on p 268, and is a schematic diagram.
|| So what happened is that I rendered it
|| in 3-D, including recoloring the 3-D
|| view -- must've happened during
|| sleeping consciousness, because there's
|| no diagram in the text like the 3-D one
|| I "did".
|| I do this sort of thing all the 'time', no
|| matter the problem that I'm working
|| on, because I routinely integrate the
|| 3-D E.
| You know? It's what I do -- integrate
| the 3-D E. "look elsewhere", within
| the experimental data, to literally =See=
| the 3-D E, and lift-up Theory so that
| Theory contains, and thoroughly-inte-
| grates 3-D E.
|| Anyway, the "Solution" I discussed
|| yesterday grew, some, today.
|| I don't know if I'll be able to discuss it fully,
|| but the "nucleosomes" [histone-octomer +
|| DNA complexes] constitute a nucleus-
|| space-'knowing' mechanism. Each "com-
|| plex" seeks it's unique locus within the
|| structural order of the chromatin within
|| the nucleus.
|| The histone octomers are extremely-special,
|| extremely-3-D E-capable entities, that're
|| tuned by the particular DNA "segements"
|| that wrap-around them [the give-away is
|| the fact that the DNA wraps =ALMOST=
|| twice. This "almost-twice"-ness directly
|| reflects the tuning of the histone octomers'
|| 3-D E-capabilities
| Can folks see the 3-D E in the stuff I've
| discussed above?
| It's as I've discussed be-cause the histone
| octomers are extremely-positively-"charged",
| which, in the prevailing Mol-Bio view [in
| my Mol-Bio text] is seen as being to facili-
| tate binding to the negatively-charged DNA
| backbone.
| But, see? If it's so, and it's pretty-obvious
| that it is, then, be-cause the DNA at each
| nucleosome wraps around the nucleosomes
| =almost= twice, that leaves, remaining, a
| Directed net "charge" distribution that's uni-
| quely-rigorously-correlated to each histone-
| octomer-wrapped-DNA complex -- which
| imbues each such "complex" with the ability
| to literally see, and uniquely-respond-to the
| 3-D E that occur 'within' the cells' nucleus,
| and the nucleosomes each 'just' orient uni-
| quely within the 'sphere' of the nucleus -- 
| which tunes expression with respect to a
| differentiated-cell's Type, also playing a
| role in the transient 3-D E to which the nuc-
| leosomes actively respond by guiding the
| DNA "looping" that Determines the con-
| stituencies of "spliced" transcription.
| Get it?
| If I had more 'time' [and could afford to
| go to the Library], all of this'd become
| increasingly-refined, but I've discussed it,
| at this 'level' of reification, in order to
| share it with Molecular Biologists who
| have the 'time', funding, easy-access to
| all the correlated data, Labs, and the Skills
| with which to do the experiments that I
| outlined in my earlier post, quoted in its
| entirety in this follow-up msg.
| But all of the stuff I've discussed in these
| two posts just "stood-out-in-relief" as I
| read in the text because I've Trained my-
| self to routinely See, and Integrate, the
| 3-D Energydynamics.
| So, when I read of the histone octomers'
| =highly-conserved= "eight-fold way", be-
| cause of the work I've done in Physics to
| Integrate 3-D E accross physical reality,
| I Saw, immediately, that the histone octo-
| mers constitute tunable-3-D E-"resonators",
| and, when I read of the "charge"-coupling
| and the "almost twice"-ness of the DNA-
| wrapping in the nucleosomes, I Saw, im-
| mediately, how the 3-D E of the nucleo-
| somes are uniquely-tuned with respect to
| the 3-D E ambient in cells' nuclei.
| Get it?

The histone-octomer + DNA-wrapping
occurs with respect to the "charge"-coupling
to the DNA "sugar" backbone, =BUT=, at
distances from the DNA-backbone, this
arrangement leaves a =Unique= 3-D E

Such occurrences of Uniqueness are as
"Jewels" within Science -- they constitute
"Treasure" that can =always= be "mined"
to reap Understanding.

Toward this end, the necessary approach
to such gaining-of-understanding, to which
the nucleosome-"Jewels" =literally= point
via their Uniquely-formed 3-D E's, would
be best to incorporate a "Nucelosome-map-
ping Database" [NMD] in which =each=
nucleosome is mapped with respect to
every other nucleosome, and this mapping
cross-correlated with so-called "intron"

My analysis, as it currently [6:00am, Saturday,
2005-03-19] stands, is that this databasing
will be =Difficult= be-cause the nucleosome-
mapping will turn out to be =dynamic in a way
that's rigorously-3-D E-correlated to cell-dif-
ferentiation-maturation, and that this dynam-
icism will be manifested in matruation-correl-
ated dynamicism within "intron" sequences.

Don't be "deterred". 3-D E Problems =always=
exhibit such 3-D-distributed dynamicism, and
I've been including discussions of such dynam-
icism in everything I've been discussing here
in bionet,neuroscience [b.n], and other NG's,
for as long as I've been online -- with respect
to the the way that the "special topological
homeomorphism" orders TD E/I-minimization
Directionality, for instance. And it's my Analysis
that folks're, finally :-], getting that. So, see?
There's no 'need' to be 'afraid' of 3-D-dynam-
icism such as the stuff I've discussed, above,
with respect to the demands inherent in "nuc-

But a machine-implemented DB is pretty-much
Necessary =be-cause= the mapping will [prob-
ably] be highly-3-D-dynamics.


By this, I mean that the mappings of the DNA
segments that wrap around particular histone-
octomers will probably vary as a function of
cell-type maturation, and the "intron" sequences
that're correlated(?) to such [they're probably
correlated to other stuff, too -- they're =defin-
itely not= "junk"] will also change in maturation-
correlated ways.

The Rationale that underpins this Analysis is
that, since the nucleosomes =obviously= re-
spond uniquely to cell-type-specific 3-D E,
and, that, since cell-type-specific 3-D E alter
as a function of cell-type-differentiation, the
nucleosome-mapping [histone-octomer + DNA
mapping], and that which determines the nuc-
leosome-mapping must also change with cell-
type-specific 3-D E.

Can you see it?

It's this stuff that forms the "computer" that
governs cell-differentiation and cell-type-

And, when it's understood -- via Devoted-
implementation of the Nucleosome-mapping
Database that I've proposed, above, instead
of having to create Human Embryos, only
to Kill them, we'll be able(?) to =Fix= "inad-
vertent" cell-maturation 'mis-takes', which
will be, in essence, operating =in= the 3-D E.

Caveat: The stuff that I've discussed, here,
remains an =Hypothesis=. It's very-Strong,
and I expect that it'll be Verified in an enhanc-
ed form, but it remains an =Hypothesis=.

That means that although, of course, it De-
serves the attention of "Funding", it is also
=NECESSARY= to =Guard-against= 'pro-
fit-seeking' running-a-rampage -- running
amok -- where =ONLY= Science has
Right to Exist.

It is =Completely-Unacceptable= that
'profit-seeking' be allowed to become
'Dictator' with respect to -- within -- the
further "Information-Gathering phase"
[AoK, Ap5, 6, 7, 8] work that I've pro-
posed in this discussion.

The Science =Needs= to be Gotten-Right,
and that must =Remain= the Goal, not
'profits', or the True-Profits of this approach
will not only never be gained, but the 'result'
will be Detrimental to Humanity.

You know?

'profit-seekers' should run their 'schemes'
elsewhere, =not= with respect to the doing
of Science.

"Epilogue", below.

| Be-cause Researchers have been 'taught'
| to be 'blind' to 3-D E [because as I'm dis-
| cussing in the "Tapered Harmony, again"
| sub-thread, Physics asserts 'discrete part-
| icles' where only continuous 3-D E exists],
| folks working in Biology routinely miss-
| seeing stuff like I've [briefly] discussed
| above.
| The Tragedy, inherent, takes my breath
| away because the 3-D E can be "read"
| as easily as one reads a book.
| But, first, one has to See the 3-D E, and
| doing so had been "outlawed" by prevailing
| Erroneous conceptualization in Physics and
| Chemistry.
| It's a =Tragedy= because what's at stake
| is understanding in =Medicine=, upon which
| rests -- in which Derives -- the Health of
| Humanity [and not only in the one-way -- 
| with the costs of 'medicine' accelerating,
| 'medicine' is =Needlessly= draining Econ-
| omies all over the place, leaving fewer re-
| sources with which do do other stuff that
| needs to be done within Humanity's Pro-
| gress.
| So not-seeing 3-D E is a Tragedy that
| courses through Humanity's daily affairs,
| negatively-impacting them everywhere.
| So I've been working to Teach folks
| how to See 3-D E, and why it's Nec-
| essary to do so accross the whole spec-
| trum of the 3-D E that occur within phys-
| ical reality.
| The hardest part of that has been with
| respect to all of my former discussions
| of "TD E/I-minimization" within the "spec-
| ial topological homeomorphism" of
| nervous systems -- and how and why
| it, Needlessly, 'blindly'-automates Pre-
| judice within Human interactive dynamics.
| Even to the point where folks Kill folks
| who, like me, =just= do what needs to
| be done to lift folks up in understanding.
| And, when folks "get-it", folks 'just'
| steal one's work, and 'deny' one's
| Esistence.
| "Hurts", Big-'time'.
| It's the Same-Stuff that folks did, and con-
| tinue to do, to Jesus.
| Be-cause of the way in which 'blindly'-
| automated TD E/I-minimization has been
| left, 'blindly' and automatically governing
| behavior, affect, cognition, consciousness,
| etc. [see AoK], which Dictates to folks
| that they, 'blindly' and automatically, Rav-
| age one another's Beings, rather than use
| their Wonderous nervous systems to 'just'
| See Truth -- even when the means to See
| it are always, right-there, within any Book
| that accurately discusses the results of
| Experiment.
| Tragedy, =all-around=, Dictated by 'the
| beast', "Abstract Ignorance".
| =Needlessly=.
|| This can be Tested by careful compar-
|| ison of nucleosome-DNA coincidences
|| within differentiated cell-types. [Seems
|| like some =Difficult= looking.]
|| I expect that it'll be found that this stuff
|| is coded-for in the so-called "introns".
| This, be-cause nucleosome-mapping
| is inherited by daughter cells, of partic-
| ular cell-types, within an organism, which
| requires a mechanism that actively-Directs
| the "placements" of the nucleosomes in the
| newly-replicated DNA within its "beads-
| on-a-string" histone-octomer-DNA-wrap-
| ping 3-D E-tuning dynamics, so that they
| are also 'replicated' in daughter cells.
| [The "beads on a string" stuff is =not=
| just a "level of DNA packing". It's way,
| way, way, too-costly to be just-"packing".
| It's in-there be-cause it's =actively= doing
| necessary 3-D E-correlated work on behalf
| of eucaryotic cells.]
|| Cell-type-to-cell-type "intron" com-
|| parison is a valid Test of that part of
|| what's here [all DNA being taken from
|| the cells of a =single= organism].
|| Also, studies of this "intron" stuff post-
|| manipulations like the eye-on-the-fruit-
|| fly's-leg stuff will probably be fruitful.
|| That is, such operations run-into "intron"-
|| flumoxing.

Epilogue to this discussion:

It's been the 'blindly'-automated 'acqui-
escence' to 'profit-seeking', where =only=
Science has Right to Exist, that's 'prevented'
folks from seeing the stuff that I've dis-
cussed in this thread.

How much more 'get-rich-quick' stuff
can be tolerated by folks who hold the
General Good in their 'hearts' before
Science destroys itself by becoming
'just' more 'greed'?

I mean no "offense".

I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

With respect to the stuff that I've discussed,
here, it =Cannot= be, as it's ever-more come
to 'be', that Science is 'Dictated'-to by folks
who 'move away from' doing the work that's
inherent in Doing-Science.

It's so =Sorrowful= that folks who 'think' that
'money' "is the answer" have a strangle-hold
on America.

This said, Man! I had a Ball! working on this
stuff -- actually got four books open simul-
taneously, which is no mean feat, here in my
'sardine-can' :-] [could actually work-in one
at a 'time' though].

[The rest of what's here is a peripheral dis-
cussion of stuff that I'd like folks to under-
stand about 'me', and it makes no difference
with respect to the Science that I've discussed

Something else that I see I should explain is
that when I go into "Battle Mode", the "Battle"
=always= entails an almost-complete "divorcing"
ofmyself from 'everything' else [it's part of "getting-
small" -- a way I Protect others], and I was
amused to see, via various sources, that folks'd
'interpreted' routine external observables of my
"Battle-Mode" stuff as 'meaning' that I'd

What's that that Mark Twain said when
he read an inadvertantly-published 'obituary'?

~"The rumors of my demise are premature." :-]

Same-old, same-old.

I did tell folks that I was going into "Battle-
Mode" -- "grabbing TSEOTS" -- and to

But some folks don't understand yet.

Anyway, I've still only read incompletely in
my Mol-Bio Text, but've read enough to
know that there're other SignificantSolutions
"waiting" in-there, and that there's "tons"of
in-it-but-not=in=it stuff that' I've already
Reified, but haven't, yet, discussed.

Out of this, I chose the one thing for explicit
discussion because I wanted to rigorously-
couple "the genome" to experience, and be-
cause I saw that it was a pretty-good way in
which to Teach folks how to see 3-D E at the
molecular 'level', and why it's worth so-seeing.

Couldn't post all that I've newly-gathered out
of the "Flood", so there's more that remains
needing to be discussed, in the work that I've
done, than there was before.

I've got to push back the "95%" to "98%".

It's a Sorrow.

Couldn't "swim" fast enough.

It's like that with every Text in which I

Always more in-it-but-not=in=it stuff

It's all 3-D E that'd gone unrecognized.

k. p. collins

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