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| Traumatic Brain Injury is Tragic, all around,
| and doing stuff =recklessly= with respect to
| it is Insane.
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Because I've participated in this thread, I
must state my position with respect to

My position is that Euthanasia is =NEVER=

The Rationale that underpins Medicine, and
which Sanction the intervention that's correl-
ated to it's Purpose, is 'just'-the-opposite of
Euthanasia, so, if Medicine were to participate
in Euthanasia, Medicine would, thereby, Com-
pletely-Eliminate all Rationale for its own Exist-
ence, and, thereby, Declare itself to Be Non-

All instances in which Human Embryos are
created and, then, Killed, constitute instances
of Euthanasia.

The 3-D E are instantiated at Conception, and
are Continuous, in an unbroken cascade, from
Conception to Death.

Anything that breaks this 3-D E "chain" is Murder
of a Human Being.

I'll demonstrate in an addendum to another recent
post of mine, such Killing of Human Beings is not
only Unnecessary, but Offensively-Stupid, in terms
of the Abstract Science.

k. p. collins 

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