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Oh Man! There's so much that needs to be
discussed if folks're to see Tapered Harmony's
view, but all of it can be squeezed-into the
sequential-ness of "language" only one thing
at a 'time'.

So I'll begin this further discussion by explain-
ing whence comes the so-called "charge" of
so-called "electrons", and why such "charge"
always comes in integer-multiples of
1.6 x 10 ^ -19 Coulombs.

If you want to understand what's here, you'll
need the stuff I discussed in the post that's
linked-to above.

Millikan painstakingly "measured" the "charge"
of "the electron" in his famous "Oil Drop" ex-
periment, didn't he?

He accurately measured =something=, but
he didn't measure the "charge" of "the electron",
because no "electrons" Exist.

Then, what did Millikan measure?

He measured the interaction of the SSW<->UES
harmonics comprising his tiny oil drops with
'gravity', viscous drag, and the energy-flow
in an electric field that he used, in his apparatus,
to impart motion to to the oil drops in the direction
opposite of their motion due to 'gravity'. ["Charge"
was imparted to the oil drops via friction in the
"atomizer" with which they were injected into
his apparatus.]

He knew the direction and power of his electric
field, and, by carefully charting the motion of
the oil drops, despite the actual size of an oil
drop, he was able to measure =something=
about them that always came in integer-multiples
of 1.6 x 10 ^ -19 Coulombs.

Note well -- he measured =one= thing -- an
=excess= of "charge" on the oil drops, and
found it to always come in "lumps" -- like
"gumdrops" in a sack.

Seems like "charge" is comprised of "particles",


It's all just the stuff that I discussed in my prior

It's all in the 'spherical' Geometry, and the way
the energy 'contained' within it interacts with
it's continuous energy-surround [UES].

In order for 'containment' to occur, the spherical
standing waves, that are what 'atoms' actually
are ["are-are" :-], must 'contain' sufficient energy,
spread upon the surface area of the 'sphere', to
exactly counterbalance the 'atom's surrounding

So you can't just squirt any quantity of energy
in-there and expect it to be 'contained'.

If you don't squirt enough energy in-there to
counterbalance the UES on the =whole=
surface area of the 'sphere', the energy you
squirted in-there will just leak right back out,
be-cause it's contribution to the energy 'con-
tained within' the 'sphere' is insufficient to in-
duce 'containment' on the =whole= surface
area of the 'sphere'.

But, squirt enough energy in-there, and the
total energy 'contained within' the 'sphere'
becomes sufficient to counterbalance the
UES on the =whole= surface of the 'sphere',
with the additional energy giving the result-
and SSW<->UES harmonic a net "charge",
which is actually a small alteration in the
harmonics -- which is =why= "charged"
bodies "attract" and/or "repell one another -- 
the altered harmonics are literally altered
UES-flows [3-D E] that other harmonics
can literally feel, since they, too, constitute
interactions with the UES.

Get it?

It's 100% wave-dynamics. Other SSW<->
UES harmonics feel the "charge" on a
jacked-up SSW<->UES harmonic be-
cause they literally feel the altered inter-
action of the "charged" SSW<->UES
harmonic with it's surrounding UES. This
"feeling" of the altered UES-flow is not
"inverse square" -- it's actually a radically-
different nonlinearity [that's disclosed in
any of the QBASIC[tm] apps that I post-
ed long ago], but, at distances outside of
the radius of the SSW<->UES harmonic
"proper", "inverse-square" is a good-enough

So, what Millikan actually measured is the
quantity of energy that's necessary to estab-
lish a relatively-stable SSW<->UES harm-
onic, and it's resultant altered interaction
with its surrounding UES.

There're no so-called "electrons" in-there.

The "quantization" derives in the Necessities
of 'containment' -- the =whole= surface
area of the 'sphere' =has to be= stablized
against its surrounding UES, and that requires
a specific minimal energy.

If Millikan had known of Tapered Harmony,
he'd've seen that he could've also measured
the "mass" of this quantity of energy.

But it's all 'just' =continuous= energy the
"quantization" of which is Determined by
the Geometry of Spheres.

No "electrons".

Get it?

Observer: "No, Ken. You watch a lot of
television, right? What do you think is hap-
pening when the screen of your TV set is
displaying a movie? That happens because
a very finely controlled stream of tiny little
particles is sequentially impacting upon
phosphors that line the inside of your TV's
picture tube. It's not a continuous flow of
energy. It's tiny, very finely controlled,
*particles* being precisely directed in a
stream that rasters across each line of your
TV's screen, one line after another, so fast
that you see the moving pictures as being
solidly formed. You bozo."


No, all that's happening is that energy is
being continuously applied to the "cathode",
which, be-cause the "cathode" is comprised
of SSW<->UES harmonics, which are all
undergoing their own compression<->ex-
pansion periodicities, parcels-out the energy
coerced upon them in discrete quantities
that directly-reflect those periodicities, and
after that, the electric fields of the "picture
tube focus and direct the bursts of energy
that're squeezed out of the harmonics.

The so-called "electrons" are just continuous
energy parcelled-out by the periodcities in-
herent in the SSW<->UES harmonics that
comprise the stuff of the cathode.

That folks call these quantities of energy
"electrons" does not make them anything
other than quantities of energy that's been
squeezed-out of the =continuous= SSW<->
UES harmonics.

You know? Call them a name, if one wants
to, but don't let the fact that they can be
called a name 'blind' one to what they act-
ually are, where they come from, and how
they fit-into physical reality, while 'thinking'
that 'there are a bunch of them orbiting the
nucleus of every atom'.

They =do not= "orbit" the 'nuclei' of 'atoms'.

They don't even have any discrete Existence
until they're squeezed-out of an SSW<->UES

They're exactly-analogous to the waves, "slap",
"slap", "slapping" against the side of your boat
when you go fishing at the big resevoir on a
windy day, with your Dad.

Discrete =observables= in otherwise-contin-
uous 3-D Energydynamics [3-D E].

What about so-called "photoelectrons"?

Why are they emitted in their always-'same'-
ness when "light" interacts with an SSW<->UES

They are emitted in accord with the Geometry
reified in the "Compton Refraction" QBASIC
apps I long-ago posted, and always directly-
reflect the depth into the nonlinearly-accelerating
nonlinearity of the SSW<->UES harmonics in-
to which they 'penetrate'.

What's the "big-deal"? All that's involved was
disclosed in the "Compton Refraction" apps.

The incoming electromagnetic wave imparts
energy to an SSW<->UES harmonic that's
exactly-proportional to the frequency of the
incoming EM, which 'instantaneously' upsets
the harmonics by that amount of energy, which,
in order to stablize themselves, the harmonics
squeeze-out enough energy to do exactly that,
as above. "Quanitzation" derives =solely= in
the Geometry of the Sphere -- the Necessity
of surface-area-distribution of 'stable' energy-
'states', as I discussed above.

There're exactly Zero "particles" in 'atoms'.

They're all 'just' continuous, wave<->wave
dynamics, in, on, around, the Geometry of
Spheres, with 'containment' happening be-
cause, during some creation violence, more
energy got slammed into spherical volumes
than escape through the spherical volumes'
surface areas -- be-cause, under the nonlinear
compressions that I discussed in my prior
post, linked-to above, energy-energy 'con-
tainment' happens. Be-cause, further, there's
a "tapered" universal 'constant' that Deter-
mines the Direction in which energy can
move, and which Determines the speed of
all electromagnetic radiation. 'containment'
happens be-cause this universal Direction-
Determining Tapered 'constant' cannot be

I'll go over the "photoelectric effect" again
tomorrow, this 'time', specifically dispensing
with all of the experimental factors that, with
respect to the "photoelectric effect", were
invoked to 'substantiate' "quantum mechanics".

The Goal is to See physical reality, instead of
tiny little "solar systems" [which Error occurred
because "solar systems" were just a really-
'familiar' "metaphor" in late 19th 'century'
Physics -- 'familiarity' misled Physics [which
is another reason I'm discussing Tapered
Harmony again -- to demonstrate the use-
fulness of NDT's stuff with respect to Do-
ing Science -- with respect to all aspects
of Being-Alive. The primary reason is to
Teach folks how to See 3-D E. But that's
NDT, too :-]

That is, it's OK to 'hear' the "slap", "slap",
"slapping", but it's =Not= OK to 'see' "part-
icles" where none exist within physical reality.

Don't "groan" -- 'seeing particles' where none
Exist has flat-out brought Physics to a screeching-
halt, and folks jaws will hang-down when they
See what can be done when Continuous energy
is Seen, and used.

So, it's worth the work to stop 'seeing' miniature
'solar systems'.

Honestly, I've Seen, recently, in more ways than
one, that the Future of Humanity Depends upon
Eliminating the Error of 'seeing particles' where
none Exist. Which is why I've, once again, under-
taken to Teach the basics of Tapered Harmony to

| I've no 'time' left to be-with-you, here in b.n.
| So, I =Encourage you=.

I'll Encourage you, more, by paying my Connect
Fee for another 'month' [because I want to not
leave folks in a "dangling" 'state'.]

There'll probably be more Mol-Bio stuff, too [I
don't know, yet. Gotta look for stuff in parts of
my book that I've not yet read [compact stuff,
so I don't have to post "books" [because detailed,
cross-correlated, extensive, context is necessary]].
I'm not sure, yet, because I've got to also find
employment. And, perhaps, I'll be able to Finish
without having to pay for another 'month's connect

But, just now, I've got to get some sleep.

[What's here is not adequately-stated. It's all
been just thought in the ol' noggin' lab , and the
words are coming hard. I'm translating, on the
fly, out of the 'language' in which I think. And
part of it is also that I'm trying to be "gentle"
because I understand that a lot of folks'll exper-
ience "Tapered Harmony" as an "Offense".

So, if anyone finds anything in this thread not
comprehensible, I'll appreciate it if they say so,

And, if anyone wants to defend the "solar system"-
of-'particles' view, that's OK, too. Just under-
stand that I've already dealt with all the exper-
imental results that I know of, have Successfully
Eliminated it, and, for more than a 'decade',
have been working beyond it. [Please don't
'contrive' only to 'acquire' the "beyond" stuff.
I'm only going to discuss the Basics.]]

k. p. collins 

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