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>r norman scripsit:
>> Some poor reader had a legitimate, albeit rather naive, question
> about
>> brain transplants, and you ridicule him unmercifully.  Why don't you
>> try educating, instead.
> I don't care about that. Winding up people on usenet is one of my
> favourite hobbies, although this was one of my few serious posts.

If that's true you have some serious problems.

> serious-ish. I admit I deliberately phrased it in a very provocative
> way, and I knew there was no way to answer it.

Thanks for admitting that you are an idiot.

 For a long time I have
> been interested in locked in syndrome, and the situation outlined in
> White's articles is in a sense the ultimate locked in state: no imputs,
> no outputs, no way to communicate with the "isolated brain". Of course
> the transplant is not really necessary, severing the cranial nerves
> would obtain the same results.

Is that what happened to you?

> Incidentally, that would be an interesting punishment for some heinous
> criminals: induce the "ultimate locked in state", then pump their
> bodies full of chemicals known to produce a state of anguish and fear.

Too bad you are too young and missed your calling. Dr. Mengele would have 
loved you as an intern, and you could have been a brilliant "experimental 
physician" under the Nazi regime.

I hope you experience punishment that is as "interesting" as you propose. 

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