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One of the things that folks most-
routinely invoke in support of the
'particle' view of physical reality
is that there're "light" 'atoms' and
"heavy" 'atoms', yet the 'particles'
that're 'detected' always "have the
same masses".

Sure looks like everything that's
in-there is "building-blocks" stuff,


This always-'sameness' of the cor-
related =observables= Derives in
the fact [in TH] that as more energy
gets crammed into SSW<->UES
harmonics, the harmonics just be-
come commensurately more-violent,
which makes the "nucleation" and
"shelling" compressions commensur-
ately more-nonlinear, which makes
them commensurately smaller, relative
to overall energy-'content' of an
'atom', which leaves 'all' possible
wave<->wave interactions the
'same' :-]

All of this happens be-cause it's
a =single= 'constant' that Governs
energy's-freedom-to-move [in
TH, energy's "ephemerance",
coined from "ephemeral" to con-
note it's always-extreme-fleet-

Really -- all the experimental re-
sults that I know of are integrated,
tightly and rigorously, within Ta-
pered Harmony.

But it's Funny. I've been develop-
ing, and working-in, TH for so
long, that, just now, I don't know
what else I should discuss to assist
folks seeing of TH's 'new' reification
of the 'atom'.

So I'll appreciate queries from folks'
particular interests.

Oh yeah -- one of the "neat" things
about TH is that it encompases all
of physical reality [including both
Relativities] using only three dimen-
sions, which is one of the things
that makes it so easy to work in,
and why it makes stuff that was
"invisible" in the traditional ap-
proaches "visible" -- like the stuff
I'm discussing, elsewhere, with re-
spect to the way "the genome" is
coupled to experience.

But I'll appreciate folks' queries
with respect to their particular
interests in Physics.

I don't know what else to discuss.

I've done the black body power
spectrum, Compton Scattering,
the photoelectric effect, line spectra,
and have replaced the tiny little
"solar system" model of the 'atom'.

So I don't know what else I should
discuss. It's all of-a-piece in TH.

I'll Appreciate folks' queries,
challenges, or comments.

k. p. collins 

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