Tapered Harmony Primer [again -- was other stuff]

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| That's like saying that, if one wants to
| dine on a "hamburger", one doesn't need
| a meat gringer "because meat comes
| already ground-up" :-]
| [...]


My analogy can be misconstrued.

Of course one can go to a supermarket
and purchase "ground beef", or just buy
a "hamburger" at the local burger joint -- 
"because meat comes already ground-up".

But there's a meat-grinder that intervenes
in-there, somewhere between the cattle
and the supermarket display.

When I wrote the analogy, I was thinking
of "meat on the hoof" -- it's not "already

Man! I'm tired.

Gotta divert my attention to other stuff,
for a while. Be back when I've, hopefully,
taken care of that other stuff.

k. p. collins 

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