Q: dendrites/gates

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Sun Mar 20 19:55:18 EST 2005

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>> Thanks, thats helped me out a lot.
>> I was wondering if the Nodes of Ranvier
>> had an effect like bleeding or leaching
>> a current.
>Quite the opposite, they allow the current to keep circulating, and 
>speed up the axon's conduction.  

Well, technically, the nodes do slow conduction since that is where
the time-consuming task of regenerating the AP occurs.  The
transmission through the internodal portions of the axon is much

>The axon membrane has to be exposed in 
>order for action potentials to occur.

Yup. That regeneration is essential for the continued conduction of
the AP but an unmyelinated axon generates an AP along its entire
length but conducts more slowly. .  It is the myelination that is
responsible for the speed (reduced capacitance and all that stuff).


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