Tapered Harmony Primer [again -- was other stuff]

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| Tapered Harmony's view is more-compre-
| hensive than this because it explains exactly
| how and why light of a specific incident
| frequency can result of the emission of a
| =range= of kinetic energies from 'atoms'.
| [...]

Just in case what's quoted, above, from
my prior post [linked-to above] comes
across folks who've "mean streaks" -- 
there are no "errors" in-it.

I said, in the Molecular Biology stuff
I've also been discussing, that I wanted
to work on an "energy-conversion"

I did, but while posting this discussion
of the Basics of Tapered Harmony, I
realized that I'd already Solved the
Problem, long-ago.

I'd like to run it by folks, in-person, be-
fore saying that it's "Definitely" so, but
expect there'll be some Usefulness in
the Solution, with respect to Human-
ity's energy-needs.

I think I've made it back to 'where'
there's only 95% of the work I've done
remaining to be communicated :-]

While I'm "just-in-case"-ing, I've under-
stood that folks think I'm 'this or that' be-
cause I've not been able to get any of
the work I've done Formally Published.

But, step-back, a bit, and you'll see
why it's been so.

My work is all beneath-the-Founda-
tions stuff.

Papers that "contradict" 'foundation'
stuff don't even get read, let alone
sent out to be Reviewed.

I did what Needed to be done, any-

=That= is what I am.

I Love you in that way.

K. P. Collins 

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